Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3754

Charlie wade got the business card and casually glanced at it and found that it only had a name and a string of numbers on it.

        The name was Zhan Feier, and the phone number was a domestic phone number starting with 159.

        Moreover, the business card smelled faintly of ink, as if it had just been printed.

        Charlie wade didn’t think much of it, so he took out his mobile phone and took a picture of the business card, then returned it to Jacob.

        He planned to contact this Zhan Feier tomorrow and give her a feng shui reading so that he could get rid of this matter.

        The next day, after Charlie wade had breakfast, Jacob reminded Charlie wade, “Charlie wade, don’t forget to give Miss Zhan a call.”

        Charlie wade nodded and said, “I’ll contact Miss Zhan after I drop Claire off at the office later.”

        Jacob was busy saying, “You don’t need to send Claire, I will drive Claire to the company later, just as I also need to go to the a*sociation early, let Claire leave the car with you, in case Miss Zhan is in a hurry, you can drive there directly.”

        Claire also nodded and said, “Honey, this Miss Zhan has invested so much money in Dad’s painting and calligraphy a*sociation, so she is also a valuable person to the a*sociation, so please take care of this.”

        She said, “If the workload is not too heavy, don’t take money from her.”

        When Elaine heard this, she blurted out, “Claire, what are you talking about?

        After saying that, she hurriedly said to Charlie wade, “Good son-in-law, don’t listen to Claire, you must accept the money that you should receive, we don’t do that silly thing that we don’t even want the money for the sake of face!”

        Charlie wade looked at Claire and said with a smile, “Don’t worry about it, wife, I know it in my heart.”

        Elaine said, “Good son-in-law, you can’t be foolish! We can’t have a problem with anyone but money! And this is not a small amount, it can easily amount to millions!”

        Charlie wade laughed, “Okay mum, I know, don’t worry.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade quietly gave Claire a rea*suring look.

        It was only a couple of million, and Charlie wade really didn’t care about it, so it wouldn’t hurt to send a favor along with the water.

        After eating, Claire planned to leave in Jacob’s car. Remembering the amulets he had made earlier, Charlie wade took out two of them and handed them to father and daughter, saying, “Dad, Claire, these are amulets that can keep you safe in and out of the city, so you two should take one with you.”

        Jacob asked curiously, “Amulets? Where did it come from? Why does it look like it’s made of seashells to me?”

        Charlie wade laughed, “It’s just made of shellfish, it doesn’t really have any effect, it’s just for good luck.”

        Claire took the small and delicate amulet and said in awe, “This luster is so beautiful! I’m afraid ordinary shells don’t have such a good texture!”

        Charlie wade laughed, “Who knows, it might be some kind of uncommon shell.”

        Saying that, he hurriedly said, “You guys often drive out, so carrying it with you is kind of a good idea to be prepared.”

        Claire nodded and smiled, “I’ll put it on a string and hang it on my phone! It can also be an ornament!”

        “Good.” Charlie wade laughed, “I should have known that I would have threaded the cord for you guys first.”

        Behind him, Elaine said with some dissatisfaction, “Good son-in-law, why don’t you give one of these amulets to mum!”

        Charlie wade laughed, “Mom, this is to keep you safe in and out of the house, you don’t go out these days, it’s a burden to carry around, I think it’s better to get you two gold bricks later, it can also be used as a dumbbell for fitness.”

        Elaine herself had no interest in amulets, but when she found out that Jacob and Claire both had them and she did not, she was a bit unbalanced, plus she was afraid that she would be treated differently by Charlie wade, so she complained.