Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3750

As soon as the matter of dinner came up, President Pei immediately spoke up, “Miss Zhan, you are an honoured guest of our Calligraphy and Painting a*sociation, so I have to arrange this meal today, no matter what!”

        Phoebe knew very well that when you are polite, you must not be polite when you shouldn’t be.

        For example, if someone else wants to invite you to dinner, if the other party is just being polite, then you must return the polite gesture and politely decline, so that both parties can have a step to take, and naturally, everyone will be happy.

        However, if the other party does sincerely want to treat, there is no need to be too polite, let alone dwell on whether or not to grab the bill, just agree to it quickly is to give the other party the greatest respect.

        So, she said with a smile, “Chairman Pei, since you have said so, I naturally won’t be polite to you! I’ll be at your disposal for the evening!”

        President Pei patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry, I will arrange the best hotel in Aurous Hill for the night!”

        With that, he looked at Jacob and said, “Jacob, you have a good relationship with Master Albert of Tianxiang Mansion, why don’t you book a private room for me at Tianxiang Mansion, and we will host a banquet for Miss Zhan at Tianxiang Mansion tonight!”

        Jacob naturally wouldn’t refuse such a thing, after all, Don Albert was respectful to him, so asking Don Albert to arrange a private room was just a matter of words.

        So, he immediately said, “Yes, President, I’ll call Don Albert and tell him to prepare a good private room for us!”

        As soon as Phoebe heard the words Tian Xiang Fu, her head was as big as a bucket, and she hurriedly said, “Vice President Wilson, don’t be in a hurry!”

        With that, she hurriedly said to Chairman Pei, “Chairman Pei, let’s not go to such a high-end restaurant, let’s just find a random Aurous Hill specialty restaurant and have a home-cooked meal, to be honest, this is my first time in Aurous Hill and I’m not familiar with the city, so I’d like to know the real life side of the city.”

        Upon hearing this, President Pei immediately praised, “Miss Zhan is right! You are new to the city and your ancestors came from Aurous Hill, so Aurous Hill is half a hometown to you. Since you are back in your hometown, you must taste the most grounded taste of your hometown!”

        He said, “Let’s go and try the most authentic local dishes in Aurous Hill tonight!”

        “Yes!” Phoebe hurriedly agreed.

        Soon, Chairman Pei drove the car and led the group to a small, inconspicuous restaurant. Although the restaurant was small, the interior was really nice and business was very good.

        If Chairman Bui had not called ahead, they would not have had a seat.

        But fortunately, Chairman Pei has some respect here, so they deliberately vacated a table of customers who had booked a private room, leaving it free for Chairman Pei.

        Chairman Pei took Jacob and Phoebe took Rukkyshan, the four of them sat down in the box and ordered some local dishes before Chairman Pei asked Phoebe, “Miss Zhan, I wonder how long you will be staying in Aurous Hill this time? It will be next month at the earliest for the art exhibition, because we are going to Korea for a cultural exchange later this month, and we may not be back for more than a week.”

        President Pei was worried that Phoebe was in a hurry and if she couldn’t stay in the country for too long, then this art exhibition would have to speed up the pace, but right now all her energy was on the cultural exchange thing, so I’m afraid it would be hard to do both.

        Phoebe also knew what President Pei was worried about and she had been waiting for him to ask her this very question.

        So, she immediately followed President Bae’s words and said with a smile, “There is no need to rush, you and Vice President Wilson are still focusing on the cultural exchange that you two are organising recently, as for the art exhibition, it can totally wait until you two come back from Korea, because I am going to stay in Aurous Hill for a long time when I return to China this time.”