Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3744

Because she couldn’t figure it out, Phoebe’s brows were locked and she remained silent for a long time, still thinking about the possibilities.

        Seeing her serious and troubled expression, Rukky Shan could not help but ask, “Miss, what do you think about this matter now?”

        Phoebe sighed and stared at the pile of information in front of her, rubbing her temples with her slender, tender white jade hand while saying despondently, “From this information, the entire Wilson family, starting from Old Lady Wilson, counting one by one, adding up all their a*sets, would only be more than 100 million RMB.”

        “But if this Charlie wade, is really the one I’m looking for to entrust with the Spring Return Pill, then I’m afraid he’s worth tens of billions of dollars for just one pill!”

        “In that case, how would Charlie wade, whose strength is more than hundreds or thousands of times stronger than the Wilson family, be the Wilson family’s son-in-law?”

        Speaking of this, Phoebe added: “By equal proportion, this is like a rich man worth nearly ten million dollars, joining a poor man’s family whose entire family’s a*sets don’t even add up to ten thousand dollars, then I want to know, is he there to join the family, or is he there to help the poor?”

        “Yes oh ……” Rukky Shan also nodded her head repeatedly in agreement, “If we go by this difference in value, the whole Wilson family would have to raise Charlie wade as an ancestor, and how can we say that Charlie wade is a door-to-door son-in-law? “

        Saying that, she asked again, “Miss, could it be that we have misjudged from the start?”

        Phoebe pursed her lips, a look of determination suddenly burst out from under her eyes, and said in a deep voice: “We have focused from those side clues all the way to here, little by little, everything is right, there shouldn’t be a mistake!”

        “Moreover, Jacob’s case is also here, he was indeed partially paralyzed due to a complete spinal cord injury, but he was completely healed in less than a day, such an unprecedented medical miracle has actually happened!”

        “Regardless of whether this Charlie wade is the person we are looking for or not, I can be certain that Jacob must have been cured by the one we are looking for!”

        If it wasn’t for the help of an important person, once a person like him is paraplegic, he will only be paralyzed in bed for the rest of his life, with no possibility of recovery, and I have looked through Jacob’s family and connections, except for this Charlie wade I’ve looked at Jacob’s family and connections, and apart from this mysterious Charlie wade, everyone else is as mediocre as Jacob, and it’s impossible for them to help him!”

        Rukky Shan was busy saying, “Miss, this Charlie wade’s background is not mysterious at all, all of his background is clear to see, compared to Wilson’s family, he is not even mediocre ……”

        “No.” Phoebe said seriously, “Charlie wade’s life history before he turned eighteen is almost completely blank, it shows that he didn’t go to a formal primary school, nor a formal junior high school, nine years of compulsory education, all received in an orphanage, this kind of history, is almost equivalent to a blank, the more this happens, the more unfathomable I feel.”

        Speaking of this, Phoebe added: “As for why Charlie wade wanted to join the Wilson family, I honestly didn’t think about it, but I feel that he must have his reasons and justifications!”

        Rukky Shan asked, “Miss, then can you be sure now that the person you are looking for, is this Charlie wade?”

        “I can be sure!” Phoebe said firmly, “If it’s not him, then it proves that I’m wrong about this matter from beginning to end, but if I’m right about one thing from beginning to end, then it must be him!”

        The first thing that I want to do is to find out the details of the painting and calligraphy a*sociation in Aurous Hill, and I’ll see if I can find any breakthroughs from this Jacob!


        Jacob had often left early and returned late in recent days.

        The Aurous Hill Calligraphy and Painting a*sociation, although nominally a professional civic organization, is, in fact, also half official in nature.

        On the whole, it is a semi-official, semi-civil society of the people.

        If there is little official need for it, then it is a small group of hobbyists gathering.

        But if there is an official event, then it will represent the official presence.

        For this cultural exchange between the sister cities of Aurous Hill and South Korea, the Painting and Calligraphy a*sociation naturally became the official representative of friendship and the messenger of exchange.

        Therefore, in order to ensure that the exchange activities were successful and smooth, Jacob had been following President Bae of the Calligraphy and Painting a*sociation for the past few days, attending various talks and meetings in the city.