Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3742

After Phoebe took Rukky Shan out of Ji Shi Tang, she went straight into a nanny car on the roadside.

        As soon as the car door was closed, Phoebe immediately said categorically, “It seems that it should not be Dr. Simmons’s work that that Jacob could be cured, Dr. Simmons is just a tool to be pushed out as a cover, so there is still a mysterious person behind this matter.”

        Rukky shan couldn’t help but ask, “Miss, is it really that Master Wade? Excluding Dr. Simmons, I’m afraid he’s the only one most suspected.”

        Phoebe nodded and said with some excitement, “The breakthrough point now should be on that Jacob! He was injured and hospitalised, and that mystery man even brought out Dr. Simmons as a cover, so I think he must be very close to him!”

        Rukky shan also said excitedly, “We’ve searched in circles, and we’ve finally locked in a specific target! Then I’ll get someone to transfer the information of this Jacob!”

        “Good!” Phoebe’s gaze was like a torch as she instructed, “Make sure to pull out all the information on Jacob and all his relatives, his and his relatives’ identities, educational background, work history and family background, etc. Also, remember to use the highest level of secrecy, one-way channels, and never reveal any clues.”

        The so-called one-way channel refers to the fact that the transmission of identity information can only be transmitted in one direction.

        In other words, one knows the informant’s information and can receive information and intelligence back from the informant, but the informant does not know his or her own information.

        In this way, if the informant reveals his or her location, the other party will not be able to find him or her through the informant, which is the safest way to obtain information.

        Phoebe was very clear about the nature of the intelligence network, which was sometimes a kind of double-edged sword. If he could query the other party’s information in the intelligence network, the other party might place an early warning alert in the intelligence network, so that once someone queries his information, he could receive the relevant feedback immediately.

        In that case, she was originally in the dark while the other party was in the light, but just because she used the intelligence network to look up the other party’s information, she instantly exposed her motives as well as her identity to the other party.

        Therefore, she had to ensure absolute safety.

        At this moment, Charlie wade did not know that for the first time, there was a woman who had combed through the layers of clues in Aurous Hill and peeled back the layers, eventually focusing the clues on his old husband’s body.

        Moreover, the Flynn family was more than a notch above the Wade family in terms of strength and means.

        Therefore, Phoebe’s investigation did not set off the Wade family’s alarm.

        When Rukky shan laid out all of Jacob’s information, as well as all of the information of his surrounding relatives, in front of Phoebe, Phoebe took the lead in picking up Jacob’s family chakra chart.

        On this lineage chart, from the Wilson Family’s old man, then the old lady, then the two families of Jacob and Christopher Wilson, they were all listed very clearly.

        After all, the Wilson Family was not a prestigious family, let alone a family involved in secrecy, so their information was easy to find out.

        Phoebe scanned through the names one by one, and when she saw Jacob’s daughter Claire, she immediately looked at the four words noted next to Claire: spouse Charlie wade.

        When she saw the name Charlie wade, Phoebe’s eyes immediately rose with excitement.

        Ever since she arrived in Aurous Hill, she had been extremely sensitive to the word “Wade”.

        When she saw that Jacob’s son-in-law was called Charlie wade, she almost immediately said with certainty, “It’s him! It must be him!”

        After saying that, she immediately raised her head and asked Rukky Shan, “Has this Charlie wade’s information been transferred out yet?”

        “Yes.” Rukky Shan was busy saying, “It’s in the pile of specific information at the back.”

        “Good!” Phoebe immediately flipped out Charlie wade’s information, opened it and immediately saw Charlie wade’s ID photo.