Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3739

        Remembering something, Rukky Shan busily said, “Right Miss, you asked me earlier to look for the top famous doctors in Aurous Hill, and after mapping down my side, I found that there are at least thousands of Chinese doctors in Aurous Hill.”

        Phoebe asked in surprise, “So many?”

        “Yes.” Rukky Shan said, “Of these thousands, 40% work in public hospitals, 30% work in private hospitals and clinics, and another 30% run their own medical schools, the most famous of these is an old Chinese doctor named Dr. Simmons, he runs a Chinese medical school called Jishi Tang in Aurous Hill, and business is booming, rumour has it that he once cured a paraplegic patient! “

        “Dr. Simmons?” Phoebe seemed to catch something and muttered with a frown, “I seem to have heard of this person, there was a Chinese medicine summit in Nanhai some years ago, my grandfather was very interested and even flew over to attend it once, although I didn’t go, I read some written materials of the summit, there was an introduction of this Dr. Simmons in it, this person is indeed very famous in the field of Chinese medicine. “

        Rukky Shan was busy asking, “Miss, then do you think that the mysterious person we just analysed, could it be him?!”

        Phoebe frowned and couldn’t help but mutter, “I don’t think so ……”

        Rukky shan said, “But looking at it, it seems like he is the most likely, after all, he is a top Chinese doctor himself, paraplegia is also a difficult problem that cannot be treated within Western medicine, but in his case, he can cure it, such a person, developing Jiu Xuan Stomach Pill, Jiu Xuan Recycle Pill or Spring Return Pill, it is not impossible.”

        Phoebe nodded and said, “At the moment, it does seem that Dr. Simmons is the most likely, but for some reason, I always feel that these things are more like the work of that Master Wade.”

        Rukkyshan had a different opinion, saying, “Miss, aren’t Chinese doctors all about experience and seniority? Dr. Simmons is over eighty years old and has been practicing for over sixty years, so he is definitely considered highly respected in the field of Chinese medicine, and it is reasonable for such a person to develop good Chinese medicine.

        Phoebe shook her head and said, “Dr. Simmons’s background of practicing medicine for so many years is indeed excellent, but I always feel that a bit of demonic aura is missing.”

        “Demonic Qi?” Rukky Shan asked in surprise, “Miss, what do you mean by demonic aura ……”

        Phoebe said, “It’s what I said before, the demonic aura of ‘when things go wrong, there must be a demon’, all of Dr. Simmons’s experiences are watery and natural, that is, the experiences of a Chinese medicine nationalist, in other words, there are at least ten other Chinese medicine nationalists with similar resumes as him that can be found in the country, so why haven’t the others In other words, there are at least ten other Chinese medicine practitioners in China with a similar resume.

        Rukky shan said, “Then Dr. Simmons’s healing of a paraplegic should be considered as the demonic qi you are talking about, right?”

        “Right.” Phoebe nodded, “It counts, but it doesn’t give me the impression that it’s enough, and frankly speaking, although Chinese medicine is a very profound discipline, there are countless charlatans in this line of work, as well as those who are fishing for fame, and there are often Chinese doctors who claim to have cured various terminal illnesses, but it turns out that the majority of them are all lies.”

        I want to know the details of the incident, including when it happened, where it happened, who the patient was, and whether the patient had any public hospital records, and if so, find a way to retrieve all of his medical records, including images, from the public hospital! “

        Rukky Shan hurriedly agreed and said, “Yes Miss, I’ll get right on it.”

        Phoebe nodded slightly and said with a serious expression, “If the matter of Dr. Simmons curing a paraplegic patient is true, then this matter, most likely, is a breakthrough!”