Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3736

Smith was also piqued by Phoebe’s words and asked her, “Miss Flynn, which auction house is holding this auction? I can try to find someone to run it and see if there is any way to add a place.”

        When Smith said this, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, he was after all the head of the FDA, a standard upper cla*s, elite person, he knew many people from all walks of life, and he could find some connections with several big internationally renowned auction houses.

        However, when Phoebe heard this, she could not help but smile slightly and said seriously, “Mr. Smith, this auction for the Spring Return Pill is not ordinary, it is hosted by a local antique company in Aurous Hill, the threshold for registration is extremely high, only those with a*sets over ten billion RMB are eligible to register, I reckon the odds are that your connections will not be able to reach here. “

        Smith was stunned and blurted out, “Ten billion RMB?! That’s too much, isn’t it?!”

        Phoebe shook her head, “It’s not exaggerated at all, and there are so many applicants that if they were only worth ten billion, they wouldn’t stand a chance of getting the final entry ticket.”

        Smith said with a shocked expression, “So many top tycoons believe in this miracle medicine that can cure all diseases and even increase their life expectancy by more than ten years?”

        Phoebe nodded slightly and said, “Yes, to use an old Chinese saying, it’s better to believe in it than not to believe in it.”

        Smith smiled helplessly and said, “This kind of thing feels like it must be a well-planned scam.”

        Phoebe, however, shrugged her shoulders and laughed, “I was a bit sceptical before, but now I am more and more convinced, especially after meeting Mr Smith.”

        Smith asked in confusion, “What does Miss Flynn mean by that?”

        Phoebe smiled blandly, “It’s not much, it’s just that I feel that many of the veins in my head have become clearer after meeting you.”

        What Phoebe did not say was that she felt more and more that that Master Wade, and the Mr. Wade that Smith had spoken of, was a very crucial figure.

        In a place like Aurous Hill, it was already very bizarre that two unbelievable medicines, the Jiu Xuan Reclamation Pill as well as the Spring Return Pill, could appear at the same time.

        It would be even more incredible if the clues behind the two medicines pointed to two different people.

        But if the clues behind both medicines pointed to the same person, then this would make a lot more sense.

        Thinking about this, the clues in Phoebe’s mind became clearer and clearer: Moore Group and Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, there must be a common connection behind these two companies as well.

        She had already asked Rukky Shan to gather all the information on the Moore Group, and it seemed that now, another Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals had to be added to the list.

        So, she said to Smith, “Mr Smith, I have some business to attend to, let’s talk some other time.”

        Smith nodded and said respectfully, “Okay Miss Flynn, please say hello to your grandfather for me.”


        After saying goodbye to Smith, Phoebe immediately made a phone call to Rukky Shan, asking her to immediately mobilize all the resources she could and collect all relevant clues about Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical at any cost.

        That night, Rukky Shan sorted out all the information she had gathered and presented it to Phoebe.

        Phoebe stayed up all night to read all the information on the two enterprises, Moore Group and Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, and said with a frown, “Jasmine of Moore Group, who lost her parents at an early age, is not high up in the Moore family, and has an elder uncle and a cousin above her ……”

        “Before that, Moore’s group’s over hundred billion dollars of a*sets, Jasmine was in charge of, but a small Jiqing Hall ……”

        “Before Jiqing Hall held the Spring Return Pill auction, the valuation of the entire Jiqing Hall was only a few hundred million, which did not even account for one percent of the Moore Group, thus showing that Jasmine was not valued at all in the Moore family before.”

        “But even so, Jasmine still overpowered them both and became the successor of the Moore Group at a young age ……”

        This proves that Jasmine has not only overpowered the two of them, but has even completely squeezed out the two of them ……”