Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3735

        Phoebe thought back to the conversation she had just heard and asked him, “I see that you were blocked by Don Albert’s people, could it be that the other party is unwilling to see you?”

        “Yes……” Smith let out a long sigh and said, “Don Albert said that the people from Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical did not want to meet with me.”

        Phoebe nodded and asked him again, “Right Mr. Smith, just now you said you wanted to meet a Mr. Wade, can you ask, who is this Mr. Wade again?”

        Smith said, “Mr. Wade is the head of operations of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, he is the one who makes all the decisions regarding the sales of medicines, last time he was the one who gave us twenty boxes of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills.”

        Phoebe asked him again, “This Mr. Wade you are talking about, what is his name?”

        Smith thought for a moment and said with a frown, “I’ve only met him once, I don’t think I mentioned his name last time we met, and when Liam introduced him to me, he just said his name was Mr. Wade.”

        Phoebe asked again, “What does this Mr. Wade look like? How old is he?”

        Smith pondered for a moment and spoke, “He’s probably in his twenties, taller and has good looks, but if you ask me to describe him specifically, I can’t quite remember, after all, I’ve only met him once.”

        Speaking of this, Smith remembered something and added, “By the way, this man was very strong, very young, but the sense of oppression was very strong when you were talking about things with him.”

        Phoebe nodded, and was basically sure in her heart that this Mr. Wade was, in all probability, the same Master Wade that she had met.

        Thinking of this, she asked Smith again, “Mr. Smith, are you here this time just for the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills?”

        Smith did not know what Phoebe meant, but thinking that the matter of the CIA must not be exposed, he nodded and said, “Yes, I am here just for the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills, why does Miss Flynn ask that?”

        Phoebe paused slightly for a moment and asked him with a serious expression, “Mr. Smith, have you ever heard of the Spring Return Pill?”

        Smith shook his head, surprised, and asked, “What is the Spring Return Pill? Is it also a medicine?”

        “Sort of.” Phoebe said, “Echoing Spring Pill, it is said that if you take one, you can get rid of a hundred diseases, and even prolong one’s life for ten years, or even twenty years.”

        “This ……” Smith said with his jaw dropped, “This kind of medicine …… shouldn’t be able to exist ……”

        Phoebe smiled faintly and said frankly, “Whether it really exists, I am not sure now, but there will be an auction in Aurous Hill in a few days, when the Spring Return Pill will be the grand finale.”

        Smith said awkwardly, “Miss Flynn, if I remember correctly, you are a senior student of Stanford University, right? I heard that you entered Stanford at the age of 15 and got your PhD at the age of 21, is that correct?”

        Phoebe nodded and smiled to herself, “Mr Smith, you’re trying to say that I, as a Stanford graduate, shouldn’t believe in such things that defy scientific logic, right?”

        “Yes ……” Smith said seriously, “I don’t believe that there is any medicine in this world that can really do away with all diseases, let alone any medicine in this world that can prolong one’s life for ten or twenty years, if such a thing really existed. I’m afraid the whole world would go into a frenzy.”

        Phoebe said helplessly, “To be honest, I don’t really believe in it either, but there are many top tycoons who are convinced of it, including my grandfather.”

        But even if it did work, I’m afraid the outside world wouldn’t know about it, and even if they did, they wouldn’t believe it if they heard about it, just like you. “

        Smith was silent for a moment and said, “Miss Flynn, how can I participate in this auction? Can I go and see it?”

        “There’s no chance.” Phoebe said seriously, “The registration has already closed, if Mr. Smith wants to attend, he should wait for the next one!”