Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3724

Don Albert had a very leisurely time recently. After going out on his daily rounds, he would return to the top floor of Tian Xiang House, drinking tea and listening to music, in a dashing and relaxed manner.

        However, in the evening, Isaac Cameron suddenly called him and said in a serious tone as soon as he came up, “Don Albert, your dog farm has to hurry up and get ready, it’s going to receive a new shipment tonight.”

        Don Albert was lying on a recliner, drinking tea from a purple sand pot in his hand, when he heard this, he sat up straight and asked, “Mr. Cameron, how many goods are coming tonight?”

        Isaac Cameron laughed, “Seven or eight if there are no surprises, if there are any more arrivals, I guess it will be an even number!”

        “Holy sh*t ……” Don Albert exclaimed, “How come there are so many ……”

        Isaac Cameron said helplessly, “Hey, don’t mention it, these two days the West sent agents to spy on Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals is one wave after another, these seven or eight are still caught inside Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, there are dozens of day and night around Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, still haven’t done it yet.”

        Said Isaac Cameron and said, “This batch of goods for you, you must be careful, these people are all agents, well-trained, do not let them run away!”

        “Run?” Don Albert heatedly smiled and immediately said, “Mr. Cameron, don’t worry, no one who can run away from my Don Albert dog farm has been born yet!”

        As he said that, he hurriedly added, “When the people are delivered, I will first have my men break both of their legs, and then send each of them a big thirty pound pure iron dog chain, and then three big one pound locks, so that they can’t even run away!”

        “Don’t.” Isaac Cameron was busy saying, “Young master has said that these people’s identity is sensitive, so it’s definitely not appropriate or safe to stay with you for a long time, so we plan to send them all to Syria by boat when the time is right, these people will have other uses in Syria.”

        “Ah?” Don Albert asked in surprise, “Sending to Syria? These people have special status, how can we send them?”

        Isaac Cameron laughed, “It just so happens that the young master will be sending ships to Syria to deliver food some time later, so he will send all these people there in one package. If you break their legs, then they won’t be able to do anything but eat, drink and Sh*t.”

        Hearing this, Don Albert hurriedly said, “Mr. Cameron, if you can’t break their legs, then I’m really under a lot of pressure for security! It’s not just one or two agents, it’s seven or eight or even dozens of agents, I’m afraid that the people under my hands simply can’t defend against them ……”

        Said Don Albert and said, “Those agents on the movies, what James Bond, what Tom Cruise, they are all very capable, nothing can protect them from anything ……”

        The real agents are also human, do you really think they can do anything?”

        The most important thing is to make sure that they are not hiding any tools, and then put them inside. I don’t believe they can still chew open the cage you welded shut?”

        Then, Isaac Cameron said, “Don’t be so stressed out, all the villains in the movie are retarded, so the decent characters can escape.

        Hearing this, Don Albert breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s a good idea! I’ll be able to do it now! Master Wade instructed me to upgrade the dog farm last time, and the new cages I’m replacing are made of 30mm thick rebar, and are arranged in two layers, inside and outside, in a tic-tac-toe pattern.

        “That’s good.” Isaac Cameron was busy asking him, “Where are you?”

        Don Albert said, “I’m at Tian Xiang Fu, I’m rushing to the dog farm!”

        “Good!” Isaac Cameron said, “Then I’ll go there too, I’ll see you at the dog farm.”


        Don Albert hung up Isaac Cameron’s phone and immediately stood up, grabbed his car keys and prepared to go to the dog farm.

        At this time, the manager of Tian Xiang House ran up quickly, panting and saying, “Master Albert ……, a big customer has come downstairs ……!”

        Don Albert frowned and asked, “What big patron?”