Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3723

        What’s more, the strength Charlie wade displayed that time was so strong that those people kept their mouths shut about Charlie wade’s deeds.

        As for people like Don Albert, Liam, Isaac Cameron and Graham Quinton, if someone approached them to inquire about Charlie wade’s deeds, they would not even spill half a word.

        Therefore, although Aurous Hill was Charlie wade’s home turf, there were really not many people in Aurous Hill who knew about him or “Master Wade”.

        This made Phoebe even more puzzled.

        Originally, he thought that Charlie wade should be a famous local feng shui master, so some local dignitaries would have to give him some face.

        But now it seemed that he was hardly known in the local community, which was really strange.

        Phoebe frowned and said, “I always feel that something is wrong with this matter, and that Master Wade, surnamed Wade, is not quite right either, but I can’t figure out what the problem is for a while.”

        Rukky shan hurriedly said, “Don’t worry too much, maybe that Master Wade doesn’t have any real ability, and there may be no direct connection with the Spring Return Pill.”

        Phoebe said very firmly, “Shan Shan, remember, the old ancestors said that when something goes wrong, there will be a demon, and these seven words are one of the gold standards for judging problems.

        This is a lesson that Phoebe drew from when she was very young.

        When she was a child, she watched magicians perform magic tricks, and every trick looked so wonderfully mysterious that she could not figure out the reason for it at all.

        If she had been a child, she would have transformed this mystery into admiration for the magician, thinking that he could really do magic.

        However, Phoebe always believed that the reason why she could not understand all the magic was not that the magician could really do magic, but that she had not yet seen the subtleties of it.

        So, she asked her family to bring in a number of magicians to decipher the mystery of each trick for her on the spot.

        As the mechanism and mystery behind each of the many seemingly unimaginable, if not impossible, tricks was revealed to her, she immediately found that all her doubts and shock were dispelled at that moment.

        These childhood experiences had reinforced her basic direction and logic in judging things.

        Now Charlie wade was a magic trick in front of her, a magic trick that she had not yet understood the logic behind, so she could not wait to reveal the mystery behind this “magic trick”.

        Rukky Shan thought for a moment and said, “Miss, if you can’t, I’ll arrange for the bodyguard accompanying her to follow Master Wade quietly and see if we can find anything.”

        “No way.” Phoebe immediately refused, “We can’t take any chances before we know how much weight the other party has.”

        After saying that, Phoebe added, “We have just arrived in Aurous Hill, there are still nearly twenty days before the Spring Return Pill Auction starts, it is better to play it safe and not to rush, I will first try to find out what the name of that Grandmaster Wade is.”

        Rukky Shan said with some worry, “Miss, you have only met that Master Wade once, so I’m afraid it’s not easy to find out who his name is without letting anyone follow him.”

        Phoebe nodded her head and said, “That’s something I thought of.”

        Saying that, she smiled slightly and added, “But the good thing is that there are still two clues, Isaac Cameron and Don Albert.”

        Speaking of this, Phoebe then said, “You go to that Don Albert’s Tian Xiang House, ask him what the highest spending there is like, and then give me a month’s package according to the highest standard, from then on, every day at noon and evening, we will go to the Tian Xiang House for dinner, I believe we will definitely get something.”

        “Good!” Rukky Shan immediately said, “Don’t worry, Miss, I’ll go and do it right now.”

        Phoebe instructed again, “By the way, investigate whether there are any famous and top-notch local doctors in Aurous Hill, especially Chinese doctors! I always feel that in this insignificant place of Aurous Hill, it’s already a big deal to produce a Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill, but it’s really weird that they can still produce a Spring Return Pill!”

        Rukky Shan immediately nodded and said, “Yes Miss, I will have someone find out as soon as possible!”