Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3716

Charlie wade continued to look down.

        On the list, there was another person named Garet Flynn that caught his attention.

        This person, Garet Flynn, had registered a*sets of US$100 billion when he signed up, but this person’s information had never appeared on the Forbes list.

        There are several other people in a similar situation to him.

        These were all people whose names could not be found on the Forbes list, and who rarely made any news on the internet, but one by one, they all declared a*sets of around US$100 billion.

        Charlie wade had a vague feeling that the actual a*sets of all these people should be far more than US$100 billion.

        The reason why they all declared their a*sets at US$100 billion was that they probably did not want to be too obvious and wanted to firmly lock in a place, so they only took out part of their a*sets for capital verification.

        What surprised Charlie wade the most was that in this list, the British royal family had even appeared!

        He couldn’t help but sigh, “I thought the British Royal Family wasn’t coming this time.”

        Jasmine laughed, “They just submitted their application a few minutes ago, and the one that Britain has signed up for the auction this time is not the Queen herself, but the Queen’s eldest grandson, Prince Arthur.”

        Saying that, Jasmine was also a little surprised and puzzled, “Prince Arthur seems to be in his eighties, his age is just around forty, I don’t know why he is here to participate in the auction for the Spring Return Pill.”

        This Prince Arthur, who had married a commoner princess in a high-profile manner a few years ago and was the number two heir to the throne of Britain, had been a topic of great conversation and very high profile for the past few years.

        The fact that he had suddenly signed up to attend the auction did take Charlie wade a little by surprise.

        However, Charlie wade quickly figured out the motives of the British royal family as well.

        He said with a smile, “I think the British Royal Family must not have thought of coming to compete for the Spring Return Pill this year, the reason why they let Prince Arthur sign up is probably because they want to send him over to see for themselves what kind of miraculous effects the Spring Return Pill has, to get a feel for it first.”

        After saying that, Charlie wade added, “And to be honest, with the little money the British royal family has, getting a bid is enough, but if they really want to bid for the Spring Return Pill, they simply don’t have the strength to do so, it’s just a way to get a buzz.”

        Charlie wade was not averse to this kind of hustle and bustle, because he knew very well in his heart that the majority of the seven hundred applicants knew that they did not have the strength to compete with the top tycoons.

        However, this still did not stop them from signing up.

        Charlie wade reckoned that these people’s motive should be to come and open their eyes and gain insight.

        After Charlie wade looked at the list of the top 300, he said to Jasmine, “Jasmine, take my grandfather’s name and take it out of the list, there is no need to rank him.”

        Jasmine busily asked, “Master Wade, are you not going to let your grandfather participate?”

        Charlie wade smiled, “Not so much, attending is definitely something he should be allowed to do, I’ve reserved a few VIP seats at the venue, so I’ll save one for him when the time comes.”

        Speaking here, Charlie wade gently lamented, “Recently many people have been treating the Wade family with some contempt because of the matter of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, it’s time for them to treat the Wade family with more respect.”

        Jasmine immediately said, “Okay Master Wade, then I will make the arrangements.”

        Charlie wade asked again, “Right Jasmine, I haven’t seen any information about the Nordic Royal Family, what is their current ranking?”

        Jasmine said awkwardly, “Lady Eliza Iliad of the Nordic Royal Family is ranked sixth from the bottom of the list of seven hundred.”

        Eliza Iliad, that was the name of the former empress and Helena’s grandmother.

        Charlie wade immediately pulled the list to the end, and immediately understood the embarra*sment of the Nordic royal family.

        Even if the old Queen had submitted proof of all the Nordic royal family’s a*sets, it would only translate to more than ten billion yuan, which was just enough to meet the basic threshold for registration eligibility.

        So out of the seven hundred people, she was almost at the bottom of the list.

        Two hundred out of seven hundred people, according to this ranking, she was definitely not qualified to come to this auction.