Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3708

At this moment, Garet Flynn, who was preparing to depart for China, suddenly received a phone call.

        The caller was his youngest granddaughter and his most beloved grandchild, Phoebe.

        Phoebe is just 22 years old this year, more than 70 years different from Garet Flynn. She is the youngest son of Garet Flynn’s oldest son and the daughter of his oldest son, who is the jewel of his heart.

        Flynn’s oldest grandchildren are now over fifty years old.

        Even his eldest great-grandson is a few years older than Phoebe.

        It was also because of Phoebe’s young age and seniority that she was able to get her way in the Flynn family.

        In the eyes of Master Flynn, his children and grandchildren, Phoebe is the youngest of the grandchildren and the jewel in the crown.

        Not only was she loved by her grandfather, but also by her uncles and aunts, and her cousins.

        Even if they were older than her, or the same age as her, they still had to treat her with respect.

        In the Flynn family, Phoebe has always received the best elite education. She started her university studies at the age of 15, and under the guidance of her family, she has already started to practice with a company with a market value of over 100 million dollars.

        Many days ago, Flynn was entrusted by Garet Flynn to lead a team to Eastcliff to look for clues to the Spring Return Pill.

        However, because he had misjudged the direction at the beginning, Phoebe had been running around Eastcliff for several days, but had come up empty-handed.

        After hearing that Jiqingtang was going to openly auction the Spring Return Pill, she contacted the Moore Group at once, and even raised her offer from US$1 billion to US$5 billion at one point, but the Moore Group did not relent at all.

        She then immediately called her grandfather and asked with concern, “Grandpa, are you moving now?”

        Garet Flynn couldn’t hide his excitement and said, “I’m on my way to the airport, I’ll be there soon, Phoebe, how is the situation on your side?”

        Phoebe replied, “I’m on my way from Eastcliff to Aurous Hill, the plane has half an hour to land.”

        Saying that, she sighed and added, “Grandpa, in my opinion, you should not come to China for the time being.”

        “Why?” Garet Flynn frowned and asked, “Is there any situation over in China?”

        Phoebe said truthfully, “I have already contacted the Moore Group and raised the offer to five billion dollars in communication, hoping that they would pa*s on this price to the consignor of the Spring Return Pill, and if he is willing, he can always close the deal at this price, but the Moore Group has refused.”

        Garet Flynn’s expression was aghast as he exclaimed, “Five billion dollars and they’re not even moving?!”

        “Yes ……” Phoebe said helplessly, “I can’t figure out what the hell they’re thinking, it’s just a potion, even if it’s powerful, it can’t possibly fetch such a terrible price of five billion dollars, right? If I were the consignor, then instead of taking the risk of waiting for the auction to be held, I might as well just take the elixir out and exchange it for five billion dollars for a crisp and steady price.”

        Garet Flynn said with a grave expression, “If this rejuvenation elixir is really that great chance that your grandfather Lai got back then, the price of five billion dollars is not really high, if it really goes to auction, it is normal for the price to fetch ten billion dollars ……”

        Phoebe said in surprise, “It’s not possible, grandpa! What is the concept of ten billion dollars …… to buy a Ford-cla*s aircraft carrier! What kind of person would spend that much money on an elixir? Not to mention the vast majority of people are afraid that they don’t know what effect the ammunition actually has, including me.”