Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3706

When Charlie wade returned to his room, he immediately went through the list sent by Jasmine and carefully went through it.

He found that of the hundreds of registrants, the vast majority were from the United States and Europe.

Of these, just one country, the United States, had more than three hundred people signed up.

It was clear from the names of the applicants that there were not only Americans, but also many people of Chinese, Japanese and Korean descent.

Interestingly, most of the applicants from the United States were plutocrats and entrepreneurs.

In Europe, more than half of the applicants were royalty and nobility from various countries.

Even the Scandinavian royal family signed up for the auction.

And the person who signed up was none other than the old Queen who had just abdicated from the throne.

Charlie wade couldn’t help but think, “I wonder if the Nordic royal family’s a*sets add up to ten billion RMB, even if they can barely make it up, I’m afraid they won’t have a chance to bid at all, right?”

However, on second thought, he thought that the old Queen, who had just abdicated, must be desperate for the Spring Return Pill, and even if she could not bid for the whole Pill, she would probably want to bid for a quarter of it.

Perhaps the old queen will come to claim credit and introduce herself to the people she has brought in one by one, and then ask herself for a little bit of the Spring Return Pill.

Therefore, the old queen would not let go of this kind of deal, even if she did not make a profit, she would never lose money.

Apart from those who signed up from Europe and America, a few entrepreneurs from China also participated in the registration.

Among them, there were surprisingly two repeat customers of the Spring Return Pill, namely Travis Lane and Lord Orrin.

Lord Orrin, as his elder, had always been very concerned about himself, and this time, he had signed up for the auction, definitely to support the event.

As for Travis Lane, he might have missed a Spring Return Pill last time and couldn’t forget it, so he wanted to come to see if he had the chance to get another one.

What Charlie wade didn’t expect was that his grandfather had also signed up.

In fact, Lord wade had always known about the existence of the Spring Return Pill.

After all, when Lord Orrin was terminally ill, a Spring Return Pill made him more than ten years younger, and this incident had shocked Lord wade greatly.

He had been looking for an opportunity to ask Charlie wade for the Spring Return Pill, and if that was not possible, he would exchange the wade family headship with Charlie wade for a Spring Return Pill.

But what he didn’t expect was that so many things happened one after another, and in the end, Charlie wade had taken the wade family headship directly with the help of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

This instantly made him lose his most valuable weight.

When he knew that Charlie wade was going to auction off the Spring Return Pill in Aurous Hill, his first thought was to get his name in first.

If he could snatch it, it would naturally be best.

If he couldn’t, it didn’t matter, he would just come to show his support to Charlie wade, and in the meantime, he would also give him a warning with his practical actions, so that he would know that he was also eager for the Spring Return Pill.

He thought that if he came to the auction at such an old age, he might be able to give himself one when Charlie wade’s heart softened.

Charlie wade also guessed the purpose of Elder Wade doing so, but he was not prepared to give the old man the Spring Return Pill, at least not yet.

Looking at the entire list, what was most interesting to Charlie wade was that he did not see the royal family of Britain in the list.

Previously, Charlie wade had also read about the movements of the royal family of Britain from the intelligence network of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons. It was said that after the Crown Prince returned to Britain, he did not report the situation of the Spring Return Pill to the Queen truthfully, and the Queen was once very angry about this matter, and was bent on getting this medicine.

But why had the auction been announced and the Queen had not come to register?