Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3704

The entry threshold for Jiqing Hall is ten billion RMB, which translates to roughly US$1.6 billion.

        This may sound like a lot, but in reality, just from the explicit figures that can be counted, there are nearly three thousand wealthy people around the world who have a*sets in excess of this amount.

        On top of that, there is no telling how many invisible tycoons who never announce their a*sets to the public.

        Therefore, Charlie wade was not surprised at all that five hundred people had signed up in two hours.

        However, Elaine and Jacob at home, because of the news of this auction, began to use a rare nose eye out of anger.

        When Elaine saw the news feed on her mobile phone, she cursed almost without thinking, “This Ji Qing Tang must have been kicked in the head by a donkey! It’s a bullsh*t auction that requires a $10 billion a*set threshold for registration. Who would dare to be so arrogant?”

        In his heart, Jacob had actually always had some shadow over Jiqing Hall.

        When he first missed breaking that vase at Jiqing Hall, it almost didn’t scare him out of his heart.

        It was so hard to dump the pot on Charlie wade and try to run away, but he was even caught and slapped several times, so he was in as much of a mess as he wanted to be.

        So, immediately after he found out about the news, he said with an annoyed look on his face, “What the f*ck Jiqing Hall, I think they are just here to speculate! I’ve been in the antique industry in Aurous Hill for so many years, do I not know the standard of Ji Qing Tang? Even Poly in China is hundreds of times better than Christie’s and Sotheby’s, not to mention the top auction houses.”

        Jacob continued with disdain, “People at Sotheby’s and Christie’s never dare to make a big fuss about their auctions, they only have to pay a deposit of one million to participate, but a mere Jiqing Hall dares to set a threshold of ten billion.

        Elaine nodded and asked with narrowed eyes, “Eh, do you think it could be because there is something special about this Spring Return Pill?”

        Jacob brushed aside his mouth, “What could be so special about it? Can it be that eating it will make you immortal? I think it’s more like ascending to heaven! Even if it’s the An Gong Niu Huang Pill, isn’t it only a few hundred thousand dollars a pill? I think they’re just trying to hype it up! This Jiqing Hall has been fiddling around for so many years without making any noise, so they probably want to use some dirty tricks to get some attention this time.”

        Elaine agreed and said, “You’re right, I guess it’s just like that former netizen called Sister What’s-her-name, who shamelessly said her IQ was unmatched in the first 300 years and the next 300 years, but now she’s still gone abroad to do nail art for others?”

        Jacob said with a smile, “I thought that Jasmine was really capable, but I didn’t expect that she would come up with such a cheap trick, it’s really a shocker.”

        As he said that, he asked Charlie wade, “Right Charlie wade, don’t you know Jasmine quite well? Previously, she and Bao Fu Gui partnered up for an auction and sent you an invitation, so she didn’t consult you about this?”

        Charlie wade said smilingly, “I don’t have any business dealings with Miss Jasmine, so there’s no need for her to consult me.”

        Jacob said with a serious face, “Aren’t you the Master Wade that these rich people in Aurous Hill are talking about? Before they make any decisions, don’t they ask you to tell their fortunes and check their feng shui? I remember that before anyone bought a house, didn’t they have to ask you to look at it?”

        Speaking of this, Jacob exclaimed and said offhandedly, “Crap …… Charlie wade …… you’re not going to be a lightning storm, are you?”

        When Elaine heard this, she also asked nervously and hurriedly, “Good son-in-law, are you really thunderstruck?! Then will there be people who will pay millions to hire you to look at feng shui in the future?”

        When Charlie wade saw their nervousness, he shook his head helplessly and laughed, saying, “My main business now is feng shui reading, and as you know, feng shui reading is basically looking at physical objects, ancestral graves, houses and office sites.

        Jacob smacked his lips, nodded and said, “That’s true ……”

        Saying that, he was too busy to ask again, “Right Charlie wade, go back and ask Jasmine if this auction is a hype gimmick or if it’s really going to be done, if it’s really going to be done, see if you can ask her for an invitation or something, I’m going to go and see which fools will actually come to it then.”

        Charlie wade said casually, “I guess it’s just a hype gimmick, dad, so don’t pay attention to it, instead, how is your calligraphy and painting a*sociation side lately?”

        “Very good!” Jacob said with great enthusiasm, “Our calligraphy and painting a*sociation has become more and more influential in the city, and we will soon join hands with the city to organize a series of cultural promotion activities. “

        When Elaine heard this, she was immediately overjoyed and said, “Jacob, you are going to Korea for an exchange?”

        Jacob thought that Elaine was trying to mock his lack of qualifications, so he subconsciously asked her in return, “What? Can’t you do it? I am at least the Vice President of the a*sociation, the second in command!”