Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3591

       “Moreover, the alcohol consumption in these three countries is very high, so their populations are much more likely to suffer from stomach discomfort, and the demand for all types of stomach medicine is also the highest in the world… If our Jiu Xuan Stomach San can successfully enter these countries, then I expect our annual sales to exceed 200 million boxes!”

        “Of this, about thirty to fifty million boxes will be domestic, and the rest will be in the overseas market, in which case the sales will be around one hundred billion, and the net profit will be around forty-five billion.”

        Isaac Cameron could not help but exclaim: “A drug sells 100 billion a year …… that’s too scary ……”

        Liam was busy saying, “Mr. Cameron doesn’t know, the sales of the world’s best-selling drugs are really amazing, the global drug sales champion in the past few years is almost nearly twenty billion dollars, and in the top ten, the lowest is also several billion dollars, those global famous drugs, just take out one, the annual sales are also more than one billion dollars.”

        Said Liam added: “Our country’s gastrointestinal medicine alone is more than fifty billion RMB a year, combined with our country’s relatively low drug prices, global gastrointestinal medicine sales are estimated to be around five hundred billion RMB a year, and our Jiu Xuan Stomach San, itself is one of the most effective, and the price of selling overseas is a super high premium, so so the calculation is that As long as we can enter the world, selling one hundred billion RMB a year is not a difficult task.”

        Don Albert could not help but sigh: “No wonder they say that the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable, with this kind of revenue, even a money printing machine may not be able to catch up!”

        Isaac Cameron laughed, “Don Albert, the pharmaceutical industry just has to make money in order to stimulate those pharmaceutical companies to develop more and better drugs, you have to know that a large part of the reason why life expectancy per capita has increased so quickly in these decades is actually supported by various special drugs.”

        “That’s right.” Liam also agreed, “The continuous improvement in medical standards over the years is a very important reason for the significant increase in life expectancy per capita, many diseases that were terminal a few decades ago have now been gradually conquered by modern medicine, both in terms of medical treatments and drug development, all of which have contributed greatly, which is also the key to why I personally have a huge pa*sion for the drug industry! “

        Don Albert suddenly interjected at the side, “Hey right, I heard that cancer is now going to be conquered too?”

        Liam shook his head and laughed, “There are just a few more new treatments, including the latest immunotherapy and cell therapy, but it’s far from being conquered, when will treating cancer be as easy as treating common infections, then it will be called a complete conquest.”

        Don Albert said with a smile, “I think that with the current speed of scientific development, cancer should be conquered soon!”

        Liam said with a straight face, “Actually, I am not that optimistic about conquering cancer, but I do think that gradually turning cancer into a chronic disease and allowing patients to survive with cancer for a long time through special drugs and targeted drugs will be a major direction for cancer treatment in the future.”

        Speaking of this, Liam said with a longing face, “Think about it, if the future treatment of cancer can be like the current treatment of diabetes, where patients are able to ensure a relatively long survival time as long as they are maintained with drugs, that would already be a great victory in the field of human medicine.”

        Saying that, Liam continued, “If any pharmaceutical company, could develop such a special effect medicine, no matter in any country, it would become the most popular and beloved company!”

        Hearing this, Charlie wade asked him curiously, “Liam, if any enterprise could really produce such a special effect medicine, would those countries still require so much for the entry and sale of drugs?”

        Hearing Charlie wade’s question, Liam said almost without thinking, “Master Wade, if anyone could develop such a medicine, I’m afraid that any country in the world would desperately invite their products into their country for sale ……”

        After a pause, Liam added: “Moreover, when the time comes, if the production capacity of this medicine is not enough to support the world’s demand, then I believe that many countries may even fight over the medicine quota!”