Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3590

After Charlie wade and Lai Qinghua(Exoer) had said goodbye to each other over the phone, Isaac Cameron also drove his car to the entrance of Tian Xiang House.

        Along with Don Albert, the general manager of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, Liam, came out to greet him.

        Upon seeing Charlie wade, Liam hurriedly and respectfully stepped forward and said, “Master Wade!”

        Charlie wade did not expect Liam to come so quickly and could not help but smile, “How did you get here so quickly?”

        Liam hurriedly said, “Mr. Cameron said that you were looking for me for something, so I rushed over.”

        Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “I’m looking for you to talk about the new medicine, go in and talk.”

        Don Albert hurriedly said, “Master Wade, the diamond box is ready, please go in!”

        Charlie wade then said, “Let’s all join together.”

        After they were seated, Charlie wade went straight to the point and asked Liam, “How is Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical doing recently?”

        Liam couldn’t hide his excitement and said, “Master Wade, our Jiu Xuan Stomach San is selling very well, and has successfully entered the markets of some developed countries in Europe and America.

        Charlie wade didn’t feel much when he heard this figure, instead it was Isaac Cameron who was shocked and asked, “The global sales of Jiu Xuan Stomach San alone have exceeded two billion RMB in one month?”

        Liam laughed, “Mr. Cameron, this is only half of the sales in developed countries in Europe and the United States, we should know that the actual pricing of Jiu Xuan Stomach San in overseas, no matter which country’s currency, is about one hundred US dollars, which is about six hundred RMB. The net profit is about forty to fifty percent, after deducting production costs, tariffs and corporate income tax, as well as channel costs, publicity costs and logistics costs.”

        Isaac Cameron could not help but exclaim, “If all the European and American countries were taken, wouldn’t that probably double?”

        “Yes.” Liam explained, “Many countries in Europe and the United States are more stringent in approving overseas drug imports, requiring us to produce relatively complete pharmacological experiments as well as clinical trial data, and even pharmacokinetics which also require us to give detailed data, and the most headache is that they need us to publish the prescriptions, and this we are still mediating with the relevant local agencies. “

        Charlie wade said indifferently, “The prescription of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical is absolutely impossible to be leaked out, they don’t even need to think about it.”

        Liam said with more or less difficulty, “But Master Wade …… if the other side insists, if we don’t agree, the other side will not approve our medicine to be marketed in their country.”

        Charlie wade asked rhetorically, “Isn’t there any special exception to this kind of policy?”

        “There are ……” Liam explained, “If it is a major disease-related special drug with a high mortality rate, in some cases it is able to get special approval, but that is basically something for cancer, cardiovascular diseases Serious illnesses with high mortality rates like these, or for chronic diseases like diabetes that require long-term medication, if there is a potent drug in these areas, they will generally open an opening to let the drug in first.”

        Speaking of this, Liam said awkwardly, “But our Jiu Xuan Stomach San will not reach this level of urgency, after all, we are a regulating type of stomach medicine, more to address these symptoms of long-term or sudden stomach discomfort and indigestion in patients, these are not considered major diseases.”

        Charlie wade nodded and asked him, “Which countries are not in yet?”

        Liam said, “The biggest unentered market is the United States, the US FDA’s requirements are really too strict and the process is cumbersome, so it’s a bit tricky, but his two neighbours, Canada and Mexico, we have both entered smoothly, as for the European side, the biggest unentered markets are Germany and the UK.”

        Speaking here, Liam sighed, “In fact, these three countries, the US, the UK and Germany, have very high potential!”