Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3574

When Charlie wade first mentioned the idea of transforming the Wan Long Temple, deep down in his heart, Wan Xiaojun raised his hands in approval.

        However, the only thing he was worried about in his heart was the profitability after the transformation.

        He was not looking to make money now, but there were still tens of thousands of generals in the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall that needed to be fed, and the expenses of this group of people were extremely high, so if the transformed Ten Thousand Dragon Hall could not break even after the transformation, it would be difficult for him to give an account to the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall.

        However, after listening to Charlie wade’s description of the future, he immediately gained confidence in his heart.

        He then asked Charlie wade, “Mr Wade, do you have any knowledge of the pay situation of these two latter international security? I would like to gauge the approximate income fluctuation of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall in the future.”

        Charlie wade then said, “I’m not very clear about the specifics, I’ll make an enquiry now.”

        Saying that, he immediately took out his mobile phone and called He Zhiqiu(Ziva) first.

        He  Zhiqiu(Ziva) originally had a deep understanding of international shipping, and now that he had started managing the Isuzu Shipping Line, he knew all the details of the shipping market.

        When the call was answered, He  Zhiqiu(Ziva) couldn’t hide his excitement and asked, “Mr Wade, have you returned to Aurous Hill?”

        “I’m back.” Charlie wade asked her, ” Zhiqiu(Ziva), I’m calling to consult with you, are you clear about the current international security salaries in the shipping market?”

        He  Zhiqiu(Ziva) explained, “If it is in the Gulf of Aden, generally a merchant ship needs to have three to five international security personnel, the helicopter of the security company will send the international security personnel directly to the ship when the merchant ship is about to enter the Gulf of Aden, and then leave the ship via helicopter after the merchant ship has safely and smoothly pa*sed through the Gulf of Aden, the whole process will only take a few days, and the fee is generally in the US$200,000 or more.”

        “Two hundred thousand dollars?” Charlie wade said in surprise, “Is it that high?”

        He Zhiqiu(Ziva) said, “Mr. Wade, this is already the quote from the beginning of the year, the price of international security is now higher than before, the same service will probably go to something like three hundred thousand dollars ……”

        “The reason for such a big increase is mainly because from last year to now, the freight prices for international shipping have been rising like crazy, rising to record prices already.”

        “The freight rate for a standard container departing from our southeastern coastal ports in China to the port of Los Angeles in the United States has skyrocketed to nearly US$20,000 from the previous US$1,000 or so.”

        “A large cargo ship with a capacity of more than 10,000 standard containers can run the cost of the ship back in one run at US$100,000,000 or US$200,000 for a single full load, and those with a capacity of more than 20,000 containers can run the cost of the ship back in one run, and the shipowners have long been making crazy money, so they are also willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure safety.”

        Charlie wade asked again, “So is piracy frequent over in the Gulf of Aden now?”

        “Frequent.” He  Zhiqiu(Ziva) explained, “The pirates there have never stopped, the hotter the shipping market is, the more active they are, they hijack a merchant ship, they will hold the ship with the people and demand ransom from the ship owner, usually at least a few million dollars to start with, sometimes even up to tens of millions of dollars, the ship owner does not dare not pay, and a lot of time wasted, waste of a trip to transport Money, may lose is tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars of freight revenue, so now the shipowners to international security this piece of very important, almost large merchant ships will spend this money.”