Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3569

After the gold bricks were bought, Charlie wade took a taxi directly from the entrance of the gold shop and returned to Townsend One.

        The reason why he bought the gold bricks was because Charlie wade knew that his mother-in-law, Elaine, was definitely expecting him to bring her some gifts when he returned.

        However, Charlie wade really didn’t have any time left to choose a gift, so he simply bought a few gold bricks, so that when the time came, he could say that they were given to him by a client.

        When the time came, he gave her a piece as a gift and let her take it and play with it.

        This way, he wouldn’t have to worry that Elaine would sell the gold bricks for cash.

        If it was the old Elaine, she would have gone out tomorrow morning with the gold bricks in her pocket and sold them.

        Before she left, she would have gone to her room and Claire’s room to steal and sell the remaining nine gold bricks as well.

        But now she was much more honest, and her legs were not so handy, so it was not practical for her to go out and sell the gold bricks.

        What’s more, she had to prevent herself from having to check them on a whim once in a while, so she had to put them away honestly when she got them.

        Giving her a gift that was very valuable but that she couldn’t take out and realise either was just the right way to hold her in place.

        When Charlie wade returned to Tangchen Yijin with the four gold bricks, he had just entered the front door when he saw his wife Claire walking out of the garage in the courtyard.

        Claire had just driven back and parked her car on her front foot, and when she saw Charlie wade pushing the door into the courtyard, she immediately said joyfully, “Honey, you’re back!”

        Charlie wade looked at her and said in a very doting tone, “You’re back, have you missed me these few days?”

        “Of course I did!” Claire was not shy at all, she happily ran over and jumped into Charlie wade’s arms, her face full of happiness but with a bit of complaint, “Why didn’t you tell me in advance when you came back, so I could pick you up at the airport!”

        Charlie wade laughed: “I know you must be very busy at work, so I wouldn’t want to bother you to go so far to pick me up, I can just take a taxi myself and come back!”

        Claire said seriously, “What’s so hard about going to pick you up, it’s you who has to fly all the way back and queue up for a taxi, how tiring!”

        “Not tired.” Charlie wade said casually, “I’m in such good health, this little thing is nothing.”

        Claire said helplessly, “You should have told me earlier, I could have cooked at home and waited for you to come back, but in the past few days when you were gone, my mother didn’t cook properly, she was very foolish all day long, and just now she called me to say that she didn’t want to cook at night and asked me to come back to order dinner.”

        Charlie wade smiled and said, “It’s good to order dinner, order me one by the way.”

        Claire nodded and said, “You should go home first and rest and relax!”

        Claire swiped the fingerprint lock and as soon as she entered the door, she heard Elaine’s lazy and reproachful voice: “Claire, what took you so long to get back? I’ve been hungry for so long, I was waiting for you to come home and order dinner. ……”

        At this time, Elaine was lying on the sofa in the living room, without even looking, he knew it must be Claire who had returned.

        Claire said helplessly, “Mom, you are too lazy these days, you don’t need to do housework, you can at least order a meal for yourself when you are hungry ……”

        Elaine said impatiently, “I hate ordering food, either I don’t want to eat this or that, or I want to eat this or that, you should order it, I’ll just wait for it ……”

        Claire sighed and said, “Mom, Charlie wade is back, let him see what he wants to eat.”

        As soon as Claire’s words left her mouth, she heard Elaine in the living room come up with, “Alas mum, my good son-in-law is back?”

        After saying that, the sound of someone jumping on crutches could be heard.

        Immediately after that, Elaine ran over with one hand on crutches, jumping all the way, and as soon as she saw Charlie wade, she smiled fawningly and said, “Mom, my good son-in-law is back, why didn’t you tell mum, so that mum can cook you something delicious!”

        After saying that, she immediately said, “Good son-in-law, you take a rest first, mum will go to the kitchen to see what can be cooked!”