Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3557

        Deana still wanted to push back, but seeing Charlie wade’s sincere attitude, she could not afford to be polite anymore, so she said softly, “Thank you!”

        With that, he went on the plane first.

        Charlie wade followed closely with his suitcase, and Don Albert and Isaac Cameron also followed behind him on the plane.

        The flight attendant closed the cabin door after asking Charlie wade whether to take off immediately and receiving an affirmative answer.

        Charlie wade invited Deana to sit on the sofa in the meeting area of the business jet, while Don Albert and Isaac Cameron sat on the seats at the side.

        As the plane slowly rolled out, Charlie wade said to Deana, “Auntie Deana, these two people next to me are my friends, the older one is Don Albert and the younger one is Isaac Cameron, they both have strong connections and relationships in Aurous Hill, if you need any help in Aurous Hill, you can contact them directly, or of course, you can contact me directly, just don’t let my wife know. “

        Don Albert hurriedly said, “Madam Deana, I am Don Albert, if you need anything in Aurous Hill in the future, just say the word!”

        Isaac Cameron also hurriedly said, “Ms Deana, I am Isaac Cameron, anything you need in Aurous Hill in the future just ask.”

        Deana nodded gratefully and said, “Thank you!”

        After saying that, she looked at Charlie wade with curiosity and asked, “You still don’t plan to confess your identity to Claire when you go back this time?”

        Because of the renovation of Charlie wade’s parents’ old mansion, Deana had become Claire’s client, and she knew that Claire knew nothing about Charlie wade’s true identity.

        Hearing Deana ask about his wife Claire, Charlie wade said awkwardly, “I haven’t thought of where to start, after all, she doesn’t know anything about these things, so I’m afraid that if I were to confess my identity, I wouldn’t be able to say it clearly for three days and nights.”

        In fact, what came to Charlie wade’s mind was something Claire had inadvertently said at the time.

        At that time, she jokingly said that if she was really the young master of some top family, then she would divorce herself at the first opportunity.

        Charlie wade knew Claire’s character, although she said she was joking, she would usually do what she said, not to mention her soft nature, but her bones were stubborn.

        Charlie wade has been married to her for four years and still knows her character very well.

        Furthermore, confessing this to Claire now would only add to his worries, he had just taken over the Wade family and still had a lot of things to sort out slowly, and the Wondrous Dragon Palace was still in dire need of transformation, so he could not say anything at this time to start another fire in the backyard.

        Deana smiled faintly and said, “There are times when the more you delay, the bigger the lies become. If you had told Claire your identity in the first place, it shouldn’t have been too difficult for her to accept it.”

        Charlie wade nodded and said with emotion, “Before the Wade family came to me, I hadn’t confessed my life to anyone, and after the Wade family came to me, I felt that the death of my parents had not yet come to light, and there were still many dangers hidden in the dark, so I kept it from her.”

        When he said this, Charlie wade added, “In fact, I don’t know who killed my mum and dad back then, and I don’t know if I can still find their killers in my lifetime, let alone if I am their opponent, so if I can keep it hidden from Claire and not let her know, I think it would be easier instead.”

        Hearing Charlie wade mention his parents, Deana’s expression could not help but look a little darker, and she was silent for a long time before she spoke, “Charlie wade, make sure you do your best to avenge your parents! If there is anything I can do, let me know and I will definitely do my best!”