Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3548

After Zara said this, she didn’t wait for any response from Charlie wade, so she hurriedly pushed open the car door and grabbed it to get out.

        The words she had just said had already depleted all her courage.

        So she did not dare to stay by Charlie wade’s side, because she was afraid that she would not be able to control herself and would hug him and cry bitterly, questioning him why he had to get married so early and at the same time questioning why he had to appear in her life so late.

        So, she left Charlie wade like a fugitive, without saying goodbye, and rushed straight into the Banks family villa without looking back.

        Charlie wade looked at her slender back and felt more or less uncomfortable in his heart.

        The more he saw the unhappiness of Deana’s life, the more Charlie wade did not want Zara to follow in her footsteps.

        Fate should not have played such a trick on this mother and daughter, making them both fall into an almost identical circle.

        However, fate was a joking thing sometimes.

        Not only did he give both mother and daughter similar trajectories in life, but he even made them fall in love with a father and son respectively.

        As he watched Zara’s back disappear, Charlie wade sighed despondently.

        He did not know how he should deal with Zara’s feelings for him.

        But Charlie wade really did not want Zara to choose to die alone, as she had just said.

        Although it was still too early to say this, this girl, Zara, had a strong determination and energy within her slim and thin body.

        Since she had said so, it was very likely that she would do so.

        However, there was nothing Charlie wade could do to change her decision at the moment, so he could only console himself that Zara was still very young after all, and might change her mind in the future as her life experience increased.

        At the same time, Zara did not think so.

        In her heart, she was firmly convinced that even if she lived to be a hundred years old, she would never meet another man who was better and more attractive than Charlie wade.

        This man appeared in her life at the age when she was in the beginning of her love life, and his appearance was the pinnacle, and it was impossible for anyone to surpa*s him in this lifetime.


        At this time, the Gu(Sun) family was brightly lit.

        Lord Orrin knew that Charlie wade had returned from Scandinavia and also knew that he would definitely come to his home after dealing with the matters above Wade Lingshan.

        Therefore, he had someone prepare a sumptuous dinner table early on, and then ordered someone to put all the dishes in a high-end warming drawer, waiting for Charlie wade’s return.

        By the time Charlie wade drove back to the Gu(Sun) family, it was already after 10pm.

        When Stephanie heard a car drive into the courtyard, she excitedly ran out of the house first, with Lord Orrin and Angie following closely behind.

        Charlie wade heard the car and was hugged by Stephanie just as he got out, she said excitedly, “Brother Charlie wade, you’re finally back!”

        Lord Orrin also smiled; “Charlie, the matters on Wade Ling Mountain should all be almost taken care of, right?”

        Charlie wade nodded and said respectfully, “Uncle Gu(Sun), several things have been handled mostly.”

        Lord Orrin smiled and said, “The Wade family need not be mentioned, I don’t need to go to Wade Lingshan to guess that those side branches must have been tidied up by you, the Banks family’s affairs have also been settled for a long time, the matter of Northern Europe has been reported on the news, the Nordic empress suddenly went from being critically ill to being cured, which has caused a huge buzz in the western countries, I knew it must be your handiwork as soon as I saw it! Only you have this uncanny ability to bring the dead back to life!”

        Charlie wade laughed: “It was just a little bit of rejuvenation pills.”

        Lord Orrin laughed: “I have a deep understanding of how miraculous that Spring Return Pill of yours is, the more people who have died once, the more they fear death, the more they can understand the preciousness of life, before life, what a*sets, power, status, titles, are all false.”

        Saying that, Lord Orrin was busy asking, “How did you deal with wan Bajun over at the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall?”

        Charlie wade then said, “I’ve asked Wan Breaking Jun to go and bury his parents first, and when he’s done with his family affairs, he will come to me in Aurous Hill.”