Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3524

This was also the key to the success of the Dragon Hall.

        He had already been grateful to Charlie wade for being sympathetic to his parents’ need to be buried in peace, and when he saw the shameless faces of the members of the Wade family, he was already furious.

        It was because of his anger that he inadvertently blurted out the words “Mr. Wade” and said them twice in a row.

        This made these members of the Wade family’s side lineage sense something extraordinary.

        If the Wade family had completely given up resistance and surrendered to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, it would not be incomprehensible for Wan Bajun to take Charlie wadecheng as his lapdog.

        However, for Wan Bajun to suddenly address Charlie wade as Mr. Wade, this seemed a bit off.

        However, before they could be too surprised, a number of generals from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall rushed into the crowd and dragged out those guys who had just spoken shamelessly.

        Immediately afterwards, there was the sound of firecrackers being slapped one after another throughout the valley.

        All the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall were martial arts masters, and their arm strength was almost as strong as, or even stronger than, a full-grown tiger.

        If a slap didn’t catch them, I was afraid that the other party might die.

        Although Charlie wade was very unhappy with these members of the Wade family’s side lineage, he had not yet thought of taking their lives.

        So, he spoke to stop them, “Alright, there is no need to fight.”

        Charlie wade only spoke these six words indifferently, and one by one, those generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall immediately stopped the movements of their hands.

        This scene even more surprised the members of this group of Wade family’s side lineage.

        If it was said that the respectful way Wan Bajun had called out “Mr. Wade” to Charlie wade just now made them wonder, then the way those few generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had obeyed Charlie wade was enough to make their eyes drop.

        Almost every member of the Wade Family’s side lineage asked themselves a question that struck straight to their souls deep inside: Why did Wan Bu Jun, as well as the Wan Long Hall generals, treat Charlie wade with such respect?

        Was it just because the Wade Family had surrendered half of its a*sets to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?

        That didn’t seem very realistic.

        I had never heard of any aggressor who, after having succeeded in his invasion, had treated his victim with respect.

        Generally speaking, but all aggressors are bottomless and have no credibility.

        They will first make a first step request to the victim, and if the victim complies, they are unlikely to rest in peace, only to possibly intensify and make a second and third step request until they have drained all the value out of the victim.

        Even if he, the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace, had a high reputation and had done what he said he would do after the Wade Family had taken out half of its a*sets and would no longer make things difficult for the Wade Family, it definitely did not rise to the level of treating the Wade Family with such respect.

        Therefore, they all wanted to know, behind this, what kind of hidden secrets were hidden from the public?

        At this time, Charlie wade looked at these jaw-dropping Wade Family members, cleared his throat and spoke, “What I had originally thought was to wait until you had climbed all the way to the top of the mountain on your knees before letting you know the truth, but since each and every one of you has become suspicious, then I will simply stop pretending and show my cards.”

        The seven hundred or so members of the Wade family’s side lineage were all awe-struck, staring at Charlie wade with unblinking eyes, waiting for his next words.

        However, before Charlie wade could say anything, Wan Bajun, who was at the side, knelt down on one knee with a face of shame, and said in a self-condemned manner, “My subordinate was impulsive and did not control his mouth, so please punish Mr. Wade!”


        “What the hell?!”

        “Wan Bajun actually knelt down for Charlie wade?!”