Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3504

The Nordic royal family’s motorcade sped along the motorway late at night.

        The Concorde was ready to take off as soon as Charlie wade arrived at the airport.

        At this time, it was 1am Nordic time and 7am Eastcliff time.

        If things went well, Charlie wade would arrive in Eastcliff at noon Eastcliff time, and after landing, he would head to Wade Lingshan at the first opportunity to dispose of those members of the Wade family’s side line who had deserted the battle.

        In the car, Helena was sitting beside Charlie wade.

        At this moment, Helena was torn in several places deep inside, she looked at Charlie wade from time to time, from time to time she looked at the night in Northern Europe outside the window, from time to time her vermilion lips were lightly pursed, and from time to time she could not help but to lightly bite her lower lip with her white shellfish teeth.

        After hesitating again and again, she finally spoke softly, “Mr. Wade, in fact, Northern Europe is really too small compared to China, the population is not even more than a third of Eastcliff, a city ……”

        Charlie wade smiled, “Small yes, but it will soon become your kingdom, you are still very young now, you have at least fifty years of reign ahead, fifty years, there are so many things that can be done, it’s still worth looking forward to.”

        Helena let out a bitter smile and said seriously, “Mr. Wade, I’m not going to lie to you, in fact …… I actually don’t have much interest in the throne ……”

        Saying that, she looked at Charlie wade, her eyes red, “Mr. Wade, in fact, my greatest hope is not to inherit the throne, but to be able to give my mother a peaceful life, you exiled Olivia to overseas, my mother’s safety is already guaranteed, whether I can be the empress or not, it doesn’t matter to me anymore ……”

        Charlie wade was slightly surprised and asked her, “In three days you will inherit the throne, why are you suddenly beating a retreat at this time?”

        Helena pursed her lips and paused awkwardly for a long time before she said stiffly, “Mr. Wade, I think I may not be able to fill the role of empress, to be an empress, there are simply too many sacrifices and compromises to be made and …… and I am not the kind of person who can be ruthless like Olivia ……”

        Charlie wade thought Helena was simply nervous, so he spoke out to comfort her, “Being the Queen, naturally, is not that easy, but it is not as difficult as you think, after all, you are much more symbolic to Northern Europe than actual rule, and there are not that many decisions that you need to make, even if you do not do so well, it will not affect the actual development of Northern Europe, so you just need to maintain the people’s love of the people, and this Queen will have pa*sed muster.”

        Helena whispered, “Actually …… actually I do think …… since grandmother is so obedient to you now, you can totally let her be the queen for a few more years first, in that case, I can also have some more preparation time ……”

        Charlie wade looked at her and spoke, “Helena, if you want to truly have your own life, right now is the opportunity you must seize, the temporary inability to adapt is just a transition, if you can’t even cope with this transition, then when you encounter an enemy like Olivia again in the future, how are you going to cope?”

        Helena was speechless for a moment.

        The reason why she was beating a retreat at this point in time was that, as the convoy was getting closer and closer to the airport, her separation from Charlie wade was getting closer and closer sooner.

        The more this happened, the more clearly she could ascertain that she did not want to say goodbye to Charlie wade in this way.

        She did not want her life to end here with Charlie wade’s intersection.

        It was like two straight lines that intersected, only to meet at the only point of intersection, and then they went their separate ways, further and further apart.

        She wanted to make the straight line of her destiny change direction at the intersection point where she met Charlie wade, preferably from this point onwards, so that Charlie wade’s straight line would be tightly entwined, so that Charlie wade would have herself with him for the rest of his life.

        However, such words kept blocking her throat, calling out several times, but she was forced to suppress them again.

        It was not that she did not dare to confess her love to Charlie wade, it was just that she was afraid of being rejected by Charlie wade.

        If she kept the suspense, she would at least have a ray of hope to look forward to in the future.

        Charlie wade, however, did not know the real reason why she was backing out of the battle.

        He looked at Helena and said with feeling, “In fact, the me a year or so ago was the same as the you now, both at the lowest point in their lives, at that time, the Wade family suddenly approached me and wanted to give me a group with a market value of a hundred billion dollars, while giving me ten billion dollars in cash, at that time, I had also retreated ……”

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