Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3468

The moment William saw that Charlie wade was a little angry, he was nervous and hurriedly explained: “Mr. Wade you do not misunderstand, I do not mean that ……”

        I thought the rule was still the same as when we set it just now, 100 million euros a settlement, but since you have said so, then I will not talk nonsense, when you lose enough one billion euros, when to settle once, if until the end of the card game also did not lose so much, we wait until the end of the card game, then according to the actual amount lost to pay What do you think?”

        Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and laughed, “That’s right! That’s what a f*cking man would say! Otherwise I thought you were one of those poor B*****ds who had never seen any money before, who just won a little money and couldn’t wait to pocket it all.”

        Speaking of this, Charlie wade said seriously, “Let me tell you from the bottom of my heart, what I despise most about me, Charlie wade, is such a stupid bird!”

        “Yes, yes, yes! Right, right, right!” Hearing this, William knew that Charlie wade was scolding him, but he still nodded his head like a garrotte and said with a flattering face, “Mr. Wade is right, when you come out to play, you really need to have a bigger picture!”

        After saying that, he hurriedly added, “Come on, let’s continue!”

        Charlie wade nodded, “Come on.”

        In this game, William got a hand of three aces, and Charlie wade got the same three, but it was three kings.

        However, William had an ace as the bottom card, and Charlie wade could only see two aces, so he deliberately threw down twenty million in chips and said with a determined look, “I bet you can’t be three aces!”

        William smiled slightly and also dropped 20 million chips and said with a smile, “Since Mr. Wade is so confident, why don’t you raise some more bets?”

        Charlie wade shrugged his shoulders, “Just raise, I’m not afraid of your excitement.”

        After saying that, he threw in another 20 million chips.

        This time and again, Charlie wade had bet 400 million euros.

        Immediately afterwards, it was time for another showdown.

        William turned over an ace from the bottom card and said with a smile, “Sorry Mr. Wade, I really have an ace in here!”

        Olivia was jumping up and down with excitement when she saw this.

        The others, on the other hand, looked appalled one by one.

        Charlie wade had now lost almost seven hundred million euros to William, and it had only been less than twenty minutes!

        However, Charlie wade didn’t care at all, he shook his head gently and laughed: “William, it seems that you, the groom-to-be, are having good luck tonight!”

        After saying that, Charlie wade added, “I don’t believe that my luck can’t overpower you! Come on, let’s continue!”

        The others found that they were completely along for the ride.

        Because the stakes were so high, they didn’t dare to mess around even if they started with a good hand, so it was soon time for another straight-up duel between Charlie wade and William.

        This time, Charlie wade deliberately controlled the pace of his bets, and when he had placed almost 20 million euros one after another, the face value of the chips in his hand was still 7 or 8 million, which was equal to 70 or 80 million at the table.

        If Charlie wade lost this hand, he would have lost more than nine billion and would soon have to buy chips from William with real money as required.

        William was also very excited at this time, it hadn’t even been half an hour and he had won nearly a f*cking billion, this feeling was like a dream.

        Charlie wade played steadily and threw in another five million chips, leaving only two million in his hand.

        William wanted to force Charlie wade to pay up first, so he immediately threw in 10 million chips and said, “Mr. Wade, I’ll bet 100 million, you seem to be out of chips.”

        Charlie wade shrugged his shoulders, threw a hand of big miscellaneous cards straight to the side and spoke, “I fold.”