Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3432

Jasmine immediately agreed and said in a soft voice, “Don’t worry, Master Wade, Jasmine will get everyone set up.”

      ”Good.” Charlie wade once again arched his hand to the crowd and said with a clasped fist, “Gentlemen, later on is the Wade Family Ancestral Ceremony, so I would like to ask you all to go to the hotel to rest first, after the Ancestral Ceremony is over, I will go there at the first opportunity!”

      The crowd also knew that the Wade Family Ancestral Ceremony was only held once every twelve years and was solemn, and it was not a public ceremony, so it was not really appropriate for the crowd to stay here and watch.

      So, everyone bid farewell to Charlie wade and Lord wade and left Wade Lingshan on the bus arranged by Jasmine and Ito Nana-chan, heading for the Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace Hotel in Eastcliff.

      After the number of buses had left, apart from the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall who were kneeling on the ground, and the Banks family, the rest were all Wade family members and their butler Stephen Thompson.

      The Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was led by Wan Xiaojun, and nearly a hundred people knelt in a pyramid shape, all of them putting their legs together and bending their arms while knocking their foreheads on the ground.

      After all, they were all practitioners, so each of them maintained the same angle and posture as they knelt, looking neat and tidy.

      Moreover, they all knelt on the ground one by one in an incomparable state of devotion.

      Especially Wan Bajun, who was kneeling at the front, even with his expression hidden within the crook of his arm, was all full of shame.

      As for the Banks family’s father and son, although they didn’t dare to be lazy, after all, their body strength couldn’t support them, and after kneeling for a short time, their bodies couldn’t support them, so they could only let their upper bodies lie on the ground.

      The kneeling posture of the two men was almost identical to that of Song Jiang in the old TV series “Water Margin”.

      On the Wade family’s side, Corran, Feb wade and the others looked at Charlie wade apprehensively, afraid that he would settle accounts with them at this time.

      Charlie wade watched the bus convoy descend the mountain and slowly turned around, staring at the Wade family with a torch-like gaze as he said in a cold voice, “Today, in front of the Wade family’s ancestors, I am officially taking over the Wade family’s affairs, big and small, and the first thing I will do after taking over is to give the soft-boned Wade family’s heirs a good calcium supplement!”

      Hearing Charlie wade’s words, the faint-hearted crowd could not help but shiver, as they looked at Charlie wade’s stance, they knew that he was about to start his liquidation.

      At this moment, Elder Wade, who had just had the power of the Wade family taken away by Charlie wade with a single word, spoke righteously, “Charlie! The Wade family is in such a state now, it really needs to be fixed! Don’t be lenient just because you care about your family!”

      Charlie wade nodded his head and said coldly, “Of course! Some of the descendants of the Wade family, in order to live on, have left the dignity and interests of the Wade family behind, have given up their ancestral graves and family business, and have even prepared mourning clothes in advance to wear mourning for those who are not their relatives or friends to pray for forgiveness.

      All the Wade family members who were carrying mourning clothes were so nervous that their legs were shaking.

      Christine, who was most scornful of Charlie wade, knelt down on the ground with a poof and choked with snot and tears, “Charlie …… Auntie is wrong …… I’m sorry to the ancestors of the Wade family …… You are now the head of the Wade family, no matter how you chastise me, auntie will have no complaints ……”

      As she cried, she pulled out the mourning clothes hidden in her arms and threw them on the ground, crying in remorse, “Charlie, please, for the sake of aunt’s being the first to know her mistake and admit her punishment, give aunt a lighter sentence, in the future, aunt will definitely not do it again ……”

      Corran, Myles and the others instantly looked dumbfounded.

      They wondered why Christine, who had the strongest character, was the first to admit her mistake this time, but it turned out that she wanted to steal the top prize in order to get a lighter sentence!

      Corran’s teeth itched with hatred and he cursed in his heart, “How in the world did Christine grow up with this brain? Even a wallflower is not as quick as her reaction!”