Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3417

 No one expected that the aged Elder Wade would suddenly say something like this like a thunderbolt.

      When these words came out, everyone knew that it must have been Corran who had backstabbed the old man and wanted to say something bad about Charlie wade to sow discord, but he had not expected to be slapped by the old man in a righteous manner.

      What was even more shocking was that Elder Wade had suddenly announced that he would formally pa*s on the Wade family’s headship to Charlie wade!

      In this instant, Charlie wade’s men and friends were all incomparably excited and were even on the verge of cheering out.

      The vast majority of the Wade family, on the other hand, were all in tears, much uglier than the moment when Wan Bajun had Lu Hao Tian killed at his door with his coffin.

      With the old man in power, each of them could make a lot of oil and water from the Wade family’s business, and with the huge annual dividends and bonuses, everyone was living comfortably.

      However, everyone knew that once Charlie wade became the head of the family, it was basically the end.

      How could Charlie wade, with his iron-blooded personality, allow them to make money? When the time came, he would be like Zhu Yuanzhang back then, keeping an extremely tight eye on the finances and not leaving them any extra room.

      Corran was even more grief-stricken as he choked in his heart, “What the f*ck is this? I came here with good intentions to remind the old man that power was slipping away, but the old man gave me a slap in the face and gave the family headship to Charlie wade straight away.

      Lord wade looked at Corran at this moment, and what he was thinking was: “I was robbed of the family headship by Charlie wade without a word, and I didn’t even earn the title of giving up the position.

      ”So what if you are my own son? Do you think I don’t know what you have in mind? I knew about you asking Feb wade to buy mourning clothes overnight last night! You B*****d, you want me to beg for forgiveness after I’m killed by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, right? In the future, when Charlie is in charge of the Wade family, you’ll have your work cut out for you!”

      Corran had no idea what was in the old man’s mind, he only knew one thing, he was afraid that he would be finished in the future.

      At this moment, when Charlie wade heard that the old master was going to pa*s the family headship directly to himself, he was also slightly surprised.

      However, after thinking carefully, he probably figured out what was in the old man’s mind.

      The reason he had just told Wan Xiaojun that was to directly name himself as being in charge of the Wade family’s affairs, which was tantamount to becoming the actual person in charge.

      The old man must know that he is powerless to return to heaven, and now he is taking the initiative to give way to show his goodwill and earn a favor.

      In the end, they are all human beings.

      As for Corran, he must have been used as a stepping stone by the old master.

      He himself stepped on Wan Breaking Jun to the throne this time, and the old master stepped on Corran to step down, and it had to be said that both had a similarity.

      So, Charlie wade said, “In the future, with me, the Wade family will be able to continue to develop and create further glory!”

      Lord wade stepped forward, grabbed Charlie wade’s hand and said excitedly, “Charlie, from now on, you alone will be in charge of all the affairs of the Wade family, I believe that in your hands, the Wade family will definitely stand at the top of the world!”

      Charlie wade nodded heavily and said seriously, “I will do my best!”

      After saying that, he looked at the Wade family’s uncles and brothers and said lightly, “Moreover, the Wade family has lived in peace for so many years that many of their bones have gone soft, so I have to take this opportunity of the Ancestral Ritual to give them a good calcium supplement!”

      After that, Charlie wade said to Lord He, “Old Mr. He, please keep an eye on everyone in my Wade family for me, anyone who dares to quietly throw something out of their body, especially something like mourning clothes, will be tied up on the spot for me!”