Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3413

Although Wan Bajun’s meridians were all destroyed, wielding his blade to kill himself was still more than enough for him.

He used all his strength and ferocity in this slash, because all he wanted was to use it to end his own life in a crisp and quick manner.

The reason he wanted to do it was because he didn’t want so many people to see him twitching in place for a long time before he died a miserable death.

At this moment, he was already prepared to die.

The many generals of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons also understood that this was a foregone conclusion and that there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.

But at the moment when the short blade in Wan Bajun’s hand pierced his mourning clothes, pierced the skin of Wan Bajun’s chest, and was almost about to pierce his heart, Charlie wade kicked lightly with his toe, and a surge of spiritual energy poured into the short blade from the tip of his foot.

Immediately afterwards, just as Wan Bajun was actually stabbing the blade towards his heart, the blade suddenly turned into pieces in front of his chest, instantly splitting apart and dissipating into the air!

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded, and Wan Bajun himself could not believe it!

He found that the blade in his hand had disappeared, and when he looked down, all that was left was a dusty powder on the palms of his hands!

His entire brain did not react, one, he did not know why this good short blade was turned into powder by Charlie wade’s empty kick, and two, he did not understand why Charlie wade had suddenly saved himself at this time.

He subconsciously raised his head, looked at the bemused Charlie wade, and subconsciously asked: “Ye …… Mr. Wade …… What are you ……”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “When Lu Haotian killed at his door yesterday, my grandfather had told him about a past incident.”

Saying that, Charlie wade looked at Wan Breaking Jun and spoke, “Do you know what my father said back then when he heard that your father had jumped to his death?”

Wan Bajun shook his head gently with a bewildered expression and said in a low voice, “I don’t know …… Please tell me more, Mr. Wade!”

Charlie wade turned to look in the direction of his parents’ tomb in the distance and said softly, “My father said that he did not kill Bo Ren, but Bo Ren died because of him, even though he won your father justly, he still felt guilty about it after hearing of your father’s death, the so-called compa*sionate man should be talking about people like him.”

Wan Breaking Jun said incomparably ashamed, “Your father he …… Indeed, he had a heart and a sense of justice …… Back then, although I was young, I had heard many rumours about him, and many people mentioned him with great admiration ……”

“Yes!” Charlie wade nodded, and then said lightly, “Wan Bajun, you are considered very filial, but in my eyes, you are only a half filial son, do you know why?”

Wan Bajun shook his head and said, “I would like to hear more about it ……”

Charlie wade seriously said, “If the word filial piety is only interpreted as avenging your parents, or providing for them in their old age, it is a bit one-sided, because you have overlooked the more important heritage!”

Saying that, Charlie wade added: “The 5,000 years of Chinese history, if you have to condense it down, is nothing but the word heritage!”

“Inheritance, taken apart, is inheritance and transmission, and in the end, everyone should do what they can to carry on, not let everything come to you with no successor.”

“People say that they should inherit for the past sages, they are pa*sing on the philosophy and wisdom of the old ancestors;”

“Ordinary people may not be able to reach the height of learning for the sake of the saints, but at least they should learn from a teacher, and pa*s on to your descendants what you have learned from your teachers, your parents and elders;”

“Even if you can’t even learn to have a teacher, at the very least, you should continue to pa*s on the bloodline pa*sed down to you by your parents, instead of breaking your own family’s descendants.”

When he said this, Charlie wade saw that Wan Bajun was once again in tears, so he gave a slight pause and continued, “Think about it, what flows through you is not just your parents’ bloodline, but the bloodline that has been pa*sed down all the way from your parents’ two families, for thousands and thousands of years! These bloodlines have survived countless wars and disasters and continue to this day, and now, they are going to be broken in your body. Do you think that if you go to see your parents and accompany them like this, your parents will forgive you if they know in heaven?”

Hearing this, Wan Bajun was already sobbing, so ashamed that he didn’t even dare to look up.

Charlie wade took his change in his eyes and continued, “You have no children, if you die, what can you do even if you have these brothers?”

“When they are alive, because you have been kind to them, they might still come to sweep your grave and your parents’ graves, and when they die, their children will not even meet you before they will come a long way to sweep your family’s graves and pay respects.”

“In this way, after a number of years, the grave of your Wan family will become no different from a ma*s grave.”

“If there is further land acquisition, natural or man-made disasters, there will be no one to collect your family’s ashes.”

“In that case, what would be the difference between that and having your bones thrown to the ground?”