Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3405

The tragic appearance of the second expert of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, the Greenwood Wolf King Jerold, breaking down and crying like that, seemed to have hammered a heavy blow to the hearts of everyone in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall!

Although they did not know what it was like to have their consciousness imprisoned in their bodies.

But seeing Jerold’s current appearance caused them to be terrified to the core of their hearts at this unknown taste.

No one dared to imagine what it would be like for them to be helpless and worse than dead if such a thing happened to them.

It would really be like screaming at the end of the day ……

It was also at this moment that deep inside their hearts, they were completely filled with hellish fear of Charlie wade.

Originally, I thought that three of the Four Great War Kings were destroyed by Charlie wade’s hands, and another one was destroyed in the Middle East.

But who would have thought that these four, it turned out, were all destroyed by Charlie wade’s hands!!!

Wan Bajun also panicked, and he subconsciously asked Charlie wade: “What happened in Syria …… Did you do it?!”

Charlie wade nodded and said very frankly: “That’s right, I did it! The reason why Hamid was able to annihilate several thousand of your Ten Thousand Dragon Temple soldiers was all thanks to my guidance; the reason why the government forces were able to capture over ten thousand of your Ten Thousand Dragon Temple soldiers was also all thanks to my help!”

At this moment, Wan Breaking Army’s psychological defences completely collapsed.

He finally understood that the revenge he had been preparing for twenty years was nothing more than a farce of hitting a stone with an egg.

Charlie wade’s power had far exceeded his perception!

Not to mention that he was not Charlie wade’s opponent, the entire Ten Thousand Dragon Hall combined might not be Charlie wade’s opponent.

Wan Bajun looked at Jerold again, and seeing his tearful, desperate and fearful appearance, his heart was like his death.

Then, he looked at Charlie wade and, holding back his inner humiliation, clasped his fist and begged, “Charlie wade! It is me, Wan Bajun, who is blind to the mountain! Please let Hao Tian and Jerold go, let me take my parents’ coffins and leave, and from today onwards, Wan Long Temple will leave China immediately and will never come back again!”

Charlie wade laughed coldly, “You still want to negotiate terms with me when you’re so close to death? Who do you think you are? Outside, you are the Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, but here, you are just a f*cking evil dog that is looking for death!”

Wan Bajun’s expression was austere as he asked him, “Then what do you want to be satisfied with?”

Charlie wade smiled and said blandly, “Don’t be in a hurry, it’s not time for me to say the terms yet, let me introduce you to another old acquaintance!”

With that, Charlie wade gave Lord He another look.

He Hongsheng understood and went back to the spirit of Charlie wade’s parents, pulling Zayne, who was kneeling there, over as well.

Wan Bajun didn’t know who this man was again, but he was certain that this man must have a close relationship with himself!

Once Zayne was brought over to Charlie wade, Charlie wade looked at Wan Bajun and asked him with a smile, “Wan Bajun, before I unlock the hood of this old acquaintance of yours, there is something I haven’t broken up with you properly since you came up the mountain, so we might as well run through this matter first.”

Wan Xiaojun cautiously asked, “What is it?”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “I heard that your father was a core member of the Eastcliff ‘Anti-Wade Alliance’ back then, and was bent on following the Banks family’s side and joining them in targeting my father, but my father never did anything against your father, can you admit this? ”

Wan Bajun said in a loud voice: “Back then, in the futures market again, it was your father who made a trap to lure my father into it! My father lost his entire family fortune! Because of this, he chose to commit suicide by jumping off a building! It was also because of his suicide that my mother took the medicine to kill herself! This was all thanks to your father!”

Charlie wade’s expression gradually turned cold as he blurted out, “You’re f*cking bullsh*tting!”