Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3397

Hearing Charlie wade’s mockery made Lu Haotian ashamed and indignant.

Seeing Charlie wade’s playful eyes, a strong feeling of fear surged up inside him again.

Subconsciously, he said, “This …… This can’t be! Even an eight-star martial artist would not be able to dissolve my Fierce Tiger Strike so easily! How on earth did you do that?!”

Lu Hao Tian’s words also asked the hearts of everyone in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, including Wan Xiaojun.

Each and every one of them had never expected that Lu Haotian’s full force strike would still be weak to the point of dregs in front of Charlie wade.

Their long-held worldview of martial arts had been completely turned upside down, never dreaming that there could be such a powerful expert in this world.

At this moment, Wan Bajun had also realized that his revenge plan, which he had carefully prepared for twenty years, might have been declared a failure even before he had actually struck.

Faced with Lu Hao Tian’s “Fierce Tiger’s Outburst”, Charlie wade’s performance showed that he could not tell at what level his true strength was!

This is like weightlifting, when an athlete lifts the maximum weight he can bear to his death, even an amateur can tell by his physical state and expression that he has done his best.

If your opponent also appears to be doing his best when he exceeds you in weight, or is straining to the limit, then you can probably tell how high he actually is.

However, if your opponent can easily lift your ultimate weight with one hand without changing his face, then you don’t know where his limit really is. He might be able to lift twice as much weight with one hand, or maybe four, eight or even eighteen times as much weight with two hands.

But because Lu Haotian, who was the reference standard, was just too far behind him, no one knew how strong Charlie wade really was.

Charlie wade sneered at this moment and said indifferently, “Weak as this dog, how dare you call it Fierce Tiger Out of the Mountain? It would be better to change the name and call it C*ckroach Out of the Hole!”

Wan Bajun looked at Charlie wade with incomparable shock, and had only one feeling in his heart, that he could not see the bottom.

Even Wan Bajun’s benefactor, the ancestor of the entire Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, had not reached such strength.

This was because his benefactor, who had stagnated at the Ming Realm Great Perfection realm for would be thirty years, had not been able to break through.

For ordinary martial artists, a breakthrough in a small realm was as difficult as ascending to heaven, let alone such a large realm.

The majority of martial artists are prevented from breaking through the two meridians, and those who can break through four or even five or six meridians are even more rare, and eight-star martial artists are even more rare.

And to leap from an eight-star martial artist to a Dark Realm expert was even more difficult.

However, to reach the strength that Charlie wade had shown, it was only possible to become at least a legendary Dark Realm expert.

Therefore, Wan Bajun realised that Charlie wade’s strength had definitely crossed into the Dark Realm, and even if his own benefactor was here, he might not be a match for him.

What’s more, in order to find a breakthrough, his benefactor had started travelling the world five years ago, and even he was not sure where he was now.

At this moment, although Lu Haotian had been struggling violently to free himself, he could not move his fists.

He looked at Charlie wade with a pair of terrified to the core eyes and asked with incomparable nervousness and apprehension, “You …… Who the hell are you?!”

Charlie wade raised his eyes and said blandly, “I told you, my name is Charlie wade.”

After saying that, Charlie wade smiled and asked him, “Lu Haotian, haven’t you been yelling since yesterday that you want to kill me? What, is this all your strength?”

Lu Haotian was even more terrified, he was afraid that Charlie wade would immediately kill him and subconsciously pleaded, “Mr. wade! It’s my fault for not knowing the mountain! I beg you to spare my life once ……”

“Spare your life?” Charlie wade raised his eyelids and asked coldly, “Did you spare the lives of those people you killed in the past? And you, who did you spare?”

Lu Haotian’s expression suddenly froze.

He had killed countless people over the years.

With his strength, he had fought overseas for so many years and had barely met an opponent who could compete with him, so every time he had gone on an expedition, he had been able to win by a crushing margin.