Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3381

Seven o’clock sharp.

The ancestral tomb of the Wan family.

Wan Xiaojun and all the generals of the Wan Long Hall had all changed into white mourning clothes made of coarse linen.

This funeral procession of a hundred men was ready to depart.

Lord Banks, who was drunk last night, also got up early and hurried to the ancestral grave of the Wan family.

According to the original plan, he was to follow Wan Breaking’s funeral procession up Wade Ling Mountain.

Today, Lord Banks was already excited deep inside.

Just after arriving at the ancestral grave of the Wan family, he found Wan Bajun, who was dressed in white mourning clothes, and exclaimed, “Bajun! What you did yesterday is already known among these great families in Eastcliff! No one expected that after 20 years away, you could now stage a return of the king! If you trample the Wade family under your feet today, all the great clans of Eastcliff will worship you in the future!”

Wan Bajun said with a cold expression, “It’s already time to leave, I’ve asked someone to prepare your mourning clothes, hurry up and change into them and follow the team!”

Lord Banks said with a slightly embarra*sed smile, “Broken Jun, look at my age, I am older than your parents, is it not appropriate to wear mourning clothes ……”

Wan Bajun coldly said, “Wear it if you want to! Today for my parents’ funeral, everyone in my Wan Long Hall is wearing mourning clothes, if you don’t wear them, get as far away from me as possible!”

Lord Banks really didn’t expect that this Wan Bajun would speak to himself without the slightest bit of politeness.

Although he was holding a fire in his heart, he definitely did not dare to brush his sleeves away at this time.

If Wan Bajun resolved the Wade family, there would only be one less competitor for the Banks family.

But in order for the Banks Family to go to the next level in the future, they would have to have a good relationship with Wan Breaking Army.

After all, with the powerful backstage of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, one could rest easy.

In particular, that mysterious expert hiding in Aurous Hill had always been a major problem for Lord Banks.

He knew that it would be impossible to solve it by himself, and the only way was to hope for Wan Breaking Army.

So, he immediately said flatteringly, “You are right, after all, it is the deceased who is the greatest, so it is only right to wear mourning.”

After saying this, Lord Banks himself felt his face get hot.

He had never kneeled down to anyone in his life, and this was a precedent.

Seeing that he had softened, Wan Bajun nodded in satisfaction and said, “You have two minutes to change into your mourning clothes, we’re leaving!”

“Okay!” Lord Banks took the mourning clothes handed to him by Wan Bajun’s men and put them on himself while speaking to Wan Bajun, “Bajun, after you finish with the Wade family, you must remember that you must find a way to locate your uncle’s whereabouts, if you delay too long, I am afraid that he will be in bad luck.”

Wan Bajun said with a solemn face, “Uncle Banks is a great benefactor of my Wan family, I will naturally do everything I can to save him safely, at the same time I will also find out the person behind the curtain and help Uncle Banks solve all his problems!”

After saying that, Wan Bajun added, “After my parents are buried on Mount Wanling today, I have to go to the Middle East first to settle the matter there, but I will leave Lu Haotian behind and let him take his men to Aurous Hill to investigate first, after I finish settling the matter in the Middle East, I will immediately come back and personally look for Uncle Banks’s whereabouts!”

Lord Banks finally put his heart down and said joyfully, “Oh, that’s really great!”

As he spoke, he had already put on the mourning clothes.

At this moment, Wan Breaking’s funeral procession had already been a*sembled.

Carrying the fire bowl for burning paper for his parents, he came to the front of the procession and gazed at the direction of Wade Lingshan in silence for a long time.

Lu Haotian came forward and whispered in his ear, “Hall Master, the auspicious time has arrived!”

“Good!” Wan Bajun roared and shouted, “All the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall listen to the order!”

More than a hundred men immediately shouted in unison, “Please give the order, Hall Master!”

Wan Bajun shouted, “Today, you will all follow me to avenge my parents, god will k i l l god, Buddha will kill Buddha!”