Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3380

Lord He immediately said, “They’re in the back of the car! I’ve gagged them and also put black cloth bags over their heads.”

“Good.” Charlie wade nodded and said, “Please ask Old Mr. He to arrange for someone to bring them out and escort them to my parents’ tomb first, so that they can kneel down respectfully.”

Saying that, Charlie wade instructed, “Also, don’t uncover the black cloth bag on their heads yet, I want to keep this suspense until the last moment!”

“As you command!”

Lord He answered respectfully, and then immediately arranged for a few He family members to bring Zayne, as well as Jerold, down from an SUV at the back.

As the Wade family watched the He family bring out two men with black cloth bags over their heads from the car, they were all astonished beyond measure.

They did not know exactly what the identities of these two men were, nor did they know why Charlie wade, at this time, had brought two men who seemed to be captives to Wade Ling Mountain.

So, they all looked at each other, not knowing exactly what these two people were from, and even more so, not knowing what kind of medicine Charlie wade was selling in his gourd!


At the same time, Jasmine and Elder Moore, as well as the Moore family’s men brought with them, had already met up with Ito Yohiko, as well as Ito Nanaeko, father and daughter.

Nearly a hundred of the Moore family’s men were mostly weak ordinary martial artists, and some of them were not even martial artists.

The strength of the Ito family, on the other hand, was clearly extraordinary.

The hundred or so men they had brought with them were all experts from the four great ninja clans of Japan.

Ever since the fall of the Takahashi and Matsumoto clans after the chaos in Tokyo, the four great ninja clans had all pledged their allegiance to the Ito clan.

Only, these ninjas do not know until now, what they are facing today.

Jasmine asked Ito Nana-chan at this point, “Nana-chan, should we call Master Wade?”

Ito Nanaeko thought about it and said seriously, “No need for that sister Jasmine, I’m afraid that Charlie wadejun’s character will refuse our help, so it’s better to go directly to Wade Lingshan!”

Saying that, she asked Jasmine, “Sister Jasmine, when will the car arrive?”

Jasmine said, “I made an appointment with them yesterday, to arrive at six twenty, I don’t know why it hasn’t come yet, I’ll make a call and ask.”

After saying that, she hurriedly took out her mobile phone and called, asking, “This is Ms Moore, who ordered eight of your buses, may I ask why your buses haven’t arrived yet?”

The other party said awkwardly on the phone, “I just heard about the matter between the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple and the Wade family, so I absolutely cannot leave for Wade Lingshan today! I’m really sorry, but the deposit you paid will be returned to you in the same way when the finance goes to work.”

Jasmine was instantly furious and blurted out, “How can you do business like this? Don’t you have the basic spirit of contract?”

The other party wasn’t angry and said with a smile, “We can’t be blamed for this, all the car rental companies in Eastcliff don’t dare to rent a car to go to wade lingshan at this time of the year.”

Jasmine said, “In that case, you can send a car to take us a kilometre away from Mount Wade ling, is that okay?”

The other party was not moved at all and said, “Sorry, we don’t want to get into this kind of trouble, please forgive us.”

Jasmine was furious, over two hundred people from the Moore and Ito families were waiting to leave, if they couldn’t solve the problem of the car, it would be too cold to walk there.

In desperation, Jasmine immediately said, “In this way, I will not force you, you have the driver send the car to me, I will arrange my own driver to drive there, how much the car bought, I will rent it, and your people do not need to go to Wade Ling Mountain, when today is over, these cars are still yours!”

The other party exclaimed, “Eight cars for nearly five million, you’re not fooling me, are you?”

Jasmine blurted out, “I’m not that boring! As long as you agree, I’ll transfer two million to you now, and I’ll transfer the remaining three million to you when the cars arrive!”

“Fine, fine!” As soon as the other party heard this, he agreed to do so almost without thinking.

Anyway, these cars had been driven for several years, and their residual value was not even half of the original price, so the big deal was to treat them as if they were all unwanted.

And even if Wan Long Temple came looking for him, he would have a reasonable argument, after all, he had only rented the cars to his guests, where they drove them themselves was none of his business.

It was twenty minutes before the eight tourist buses finally arrived, so the two families took eight cars and travelled in great numbers to Wade ling Mountain!