Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3372

Saying that, Stephen Thompson added: “Moreover, after tomorrow, you will also be an unreachable existence in the eyes of all the families in the country, just like your father was back then!”

Charlie wade waved his hand and said seriously, “Remember to keep the news of tomorrow’s incident under wraps, don’t let my identity reach the outside world, now is not the time to come forward.”

Stephen Thompson was puzzled and said, “Young master, if you have even defeated the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, why don’t you take advantage of this perfect opportunity to announce your identity and become the Wade family head at the same time?”

Charlie wade said seriously, “A mere Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, apart from having a large number of people, does not have any real influence. offensive, that is true strength.”

Speaking of this, Charlie wade sighed and said, “The Rothschild family, which is pervasive in the western world, is such a behemoth, so I want to hide in the shadows and feel their bottom first.”

“Understood!” Stephen Thompson immediately said, “Tomorrow I will lead people to cordon off Wade Ling Mountain in advance, except for people from the Wade Family and the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, no one else will enter.”

Charlie wade asked him, “Steward Stephen, how many people do you have available in Eastcliff now?”

Stephen Thompson busily said, “Back to Young Master, I still have nearly a hundred reliable people under me, ready to be deployed at any time!”

Charlie wade asked curiously, “How come there are so many? Did they not flee this time when the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall let out their ruthless words?”

“No.” Stephen Thompson said respectfully, “All of us, who have once received great favours from your father, have coalesced together, and our greatest wish is to avenge your father! Now that someone is trying to disturb the peace behind your father, we have long been prepared to fight to the end, so we will not run away from the battle!”

After their orderly withdrawal from Aurous Hill, they have all returned to Eastcliff, many of them are older like me, but some are as young as you, or even younger than you. ”

Charlie wade asked in confusion, “Since they are all my father’s old ministry, how can someone be younger than me?”

Stephen Thompson explained, “Some are orphans that your father sponsored and rescued, there are also children of your father’s other old men, if it wasn’t for your father, the majority of these people would have died long ago, including me, our lives are all given by your father.”

Speaking of this, Stephen Thompson sighed with emotion, “The reason we didn’t leave the Wade family after your father had been gone for so many years was to wait for you to return!”

Hearing this, Charlie wade’s heart was not only full of emotion, but also full of admiration and respect for his father.

A man had been dead for almost twenty years, and there were still so many people willing to die for him, so it was clear that when his father was alive, he was definitely a decent and great person.

As he sighed, Stephen Thompson had already parked his car at the entrance of the Gu(Sun) family.

Stephen Thompson stepped out of the car, pulled open the door for Charlie wade and said respectfully, “Young master, you should rest and refresh yourself tonight, other trivial matters will be properly handled by me!”

“Good.” Charlie wade nodded slightly, “Housekeeper Stephen, you have worked hard, go back and rest well too.”

“Thank you for your concern, Young Master!”

As soon as Charlie wade entered the Gu(Sun) household after bidding farewell to Stephen Thompson, Stephanie rushed out the door.

With red eyes, she ran up to Charlie wade and hugged him in a hug, choking with pity, “Brother Charlie wade, tomorrow I want to accompany you to Wade Ling Mountain!”

Seeing her eyes red from crying, Charlie wade couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong? Still crying like this?”

Stephanie choked up and said, “Brother Charlie wade, not long after you left today, Dad heard that the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple was looking for you, so he ran around all day, begging for help, but no one was willing to help, when Dad came back, he was so angry that his blood pressure rose and he couldn’t even stand up ……”