Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3363

Charlie wade saw that she was afraid, so he said to Don Albert, “Don’t kill her yet, let her talk.”

The girl said hurriedly, “Princess Olivia asked us to take Princess Helena …… to St. Petersburg in Russia ……”

Charlie wade frowned and asked, “Go to St. Petersburg to do what?”

The girl said truthfully, “Go to St. Petersburg and hand Princess Helena over to the local energy oligarch, Aman Ramovich ……”

Helena’s expression turned horrified at the name of the man.

“Amanramovich?” Charlie wade frowned and asked, “What does this dude do?”

Isaac Cameron, who was at the side, spoke up, “Young master, Amanramovich is not a buddy anymore, he should be a man …… This guy is in his fifties, he is a Russian energy oligarch, worth almost twenty billion dollars or so.”

Charlie wade nodded and asked the Chinese girl, “That Princess Olivia of yours, why did you give Helena to Amanramovich?”

The Chinese girl said somewhat nervously, “I don’t know the details very well, but I presume that …… It should be to exchange Princess Helena for benefits from Aman Ramovich ……”

Helena said with red eyes, “Amanramovich, a man of low birth, even when he became an oligarch, has been sarcastically trolled by the upper cla*s because of his poorer origins, especially in Britain where he is very discriminated against by the mainstream media and aristocratic circles, and the overall environment in Russia is not too good, so his focus has been on Western and Northern Europe, but because of the discrimination in Western and Northern Europe So he is bent on marrying a beautiful young European royal as a way of getting back at those European aristocrats who look down on him ……”

Saying that, Helena added: “A long time ago, Amanramovich was making attempts in this regard, only that many European royal families, including our Nordic royal families, were not willing to lose this person, so he never got his wish either ……”

Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, “It seems that that sister of yours is now planning to do her best to squeeze the residual value out of you.”

“Yes ……” Helena choked, “Now my grandmother has reached her deathbed, she will soon inherit the throne and become the new Nordic Queen, at such a time, any decision she makes, there is no one in the royal family who can stop her ……”

Charlie wade looked at Helena and spoke, “If you don’t want to be manipulated by the royal family, then you can take back your freedom now, I can guarantee that no one in China can force you to do anything, but you have to think carefully yourself, your mother is still in the hands of the royal family after all.”

Helena nodded gently, her tears having completely broken down.

She sobbed, “I don’t want to go to Russia, let alone become Aman Ramovich’s plaything …… But …… But I just can’t put my mother’s life and death at risk ……”

Charlie wade asked her rhetorically, “So what are you going to do now? If you decide not to go to Russia, I’ll have these two women locked up, but if you decide to go anyway, then go with them now and still make the plane.”

Such a cruel choice of questions broke Helena instantly.

She cried and said, “I don’t know what to do ……”

Seeing this, the Chinese girl hurriedly spoke up, “Princess Helena, I sincerely suggest that you come with us to Russia ……”

She was afraid that her words would anger Helena, so she hurriedly explained, “As you know, Aman Ramovich has always wanted to marry a royal princess, and if you marry him, he will definitely treat you with love in the future ……”

“Once you have some say in Amanramovich, you can ask him to negotiate with the royal family and get your mother back for a certain price!”

“Then everything would be solved and you would be completely out of the hands of the royal family ……”