Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3337

The moment Lord wade uttered the word Charlie wade, Corran sat back down on his chair with his buttocks.

The anger in his heart had made him feel a little numb.

“From the moment the old master asked the whole family to go and greet Charlie wade today, everything related to Charlie wade has been above normal standards!”

“I can see that the old master is bent on promoting Charlie wade to the top ……”

“To me and Little Feb, this is an extremely dangerous sign, if it continues to develop like this, Charlie wade might well replace me as the heir!”

And at this time, Jim’s three grandchildren, hearing that Charlie wade was Bruce wade’s son, were all shocked.

Jim looked Charlie wade up and down and said with an incomparable sigh, “You really do look like Bruce wade!”

As he said that, he looked at Lord wade and asked, “Big brother, hasn’t Bruce wade’s son been missing for many years? When did you find him? Why didn’t you tell us earlier about such a big event, so that we could be happy too!”

Lord wade laughed, “It has been some days since we found Charlie, but Charlie’s character is rather low-key, and he has not been in Eastcliff during this period of time, and today is also the first time he has returned after being away from home for so many years.”

“So that’s how it is!” Jim turned to look at Charlie wade again, stretched out a pair of wrinkled hands and shook Charlie wade tightly, sighing, “Charlie, your father is the pride of the Wade family, even now, those top families in North America still smell the mention of your father’s name! Since you have returned to the Wade family, you must inherit your father’s legacy and carry the Wade family forward!”

Charlie wade really didn’t remember much about this second grandfather, but he could also see that this second grandfather was speaking from the bottom of his heart, so he respectfully said, “Don’t worry, second grandfather, I will!”

“Good! Excellent!” Jim said with relief, “The return of the son of the long ta*sel to the Wade family is really a joyous occasion, and tomorrow at the ancestral ceremony, the old ancestors will be overjoyed!”

Putin could not help but sigh, “When Bruce wade was alive, he was the light of the Wade family.

Lord wade laughed and said, “I am sure that Charlie will!”

After saying that, he added, “Older Two, take Putin and Tyler to sit next to you for a while, we are starting half an hour late today, so we are short of time, so we won’t introduce the pleasantries one by one.”

Jim nodded and said, “Okay, big brother, we’ll go and sit next to you while you continue!”

Corran was depressed in his heart, “During the whole meeting, as the eldest son, I didn’t even have a chance to stand up and exchange pleasantries.

Just as Corran’s resentment was unbearable, a second wave of foreign relatives who had come to pay their respects also walked in.

As before, Lord wade only introduced Charlie wade to the visiting relatives, not giving him, the eldest son, a chance to get up at all.

In half an hour’s work, dozens of branches of the Wade family and over a hundred relatives who had come to pay their respects had basically done so.

The nearest relatives were Lord wade’s two half-brothers’ families, followed by his cousins who shared his grandmother’s family, and the further back they went, the more distant their relatives became.

After everyone had paid their respects, Lord wade stood up and said in a loud voice, “Thank you all for coming all the way here. I also hope that all the descendants of the Wade Clan here can be more united to /carry forward the Wade Clan in the world!”

The main hall erupted in applause.

As the head of the Wade family, Lord wade felt an overwhelming sense of achievement and said with a smile, “Gentlemen, nowadays, the Banks family has suffered various blows one after another, and the whereabouts of the eldest and second sons are unknown, so the overall strength has taken a serious dive!”

Speaking of this, Lord wade laughed with great enthusiasm, “I believe that when the revenue figures for this year come out, our Wade family will surpa*s the Banks family, achieve a reversal, and become the number one family in China!”

Once again, there was thunderous applause in the main hall.

While Lord wade was making his impa*sioned speech, a very large motorcade was coming in a big way.