Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3335

No one expected that Charlie wade would sit so openly and casually.

It was as if, that seat itself was his.

Myles, who had been robbed of his seat, was so angry that his face turned green.

He had thought that since Charlie wade was a newcomer, he must have restrained his sharpness a bit, and even if the old man had asked him to sit in this seat, he would have taken the initiative to resign and then returned the seat to himself.

But who would have thought that this guy would just sit down!

This caused Myles to curse angrily in his heart, “D*mn it! This Charlie wade is too ignorant of rules, haven’t you learnt the story of Kong Rong giving up the pear? You’ve just come back and you’re stealing my seat from your third uncle, do you want to step on my head to get to the top?”

The elder brother, Corran, was also upset in his heart.

He had thought that Charlie wade would be more restrained and humble when he returned to the Wade family and in front of the old man and so many uncles, but he had never expected that Charlie wade would simply ignore these so-called elders.

Corran couldn’t help but curse in his heart, “This Charlie wade, stealing Myles’s position, on the surface is a slap in Myles’s face, but in reality, it’s giving Little Feb a downward spiral!”

“He Charlie wade is a grandchild after all, whether it’s by generation, by seniority, or by order of seniority, he should be behind my two younger brothers, and also behind my son Little Feb!”

“But now, the old master has actually let him go straight past Little Feb, past the oldest three and the fourth, and sit directly in front of the old master ……”

“If the old master is favoring him to such an extent, that’s an extremely dangerous sign! In case he overtakes even Little Feb, wouldn’t the Wade family be in danger of falling into his hands in the future?!”

Feb wade was just as angry.

In any family, the eldest son and grandson had the highest gold content, so in Feb wade’s eyes, his younger siblings, who would all be working under him in the future, were naturally several levels below him.

Not to mention these younger siblings, even if they were aunts and uncles, what would happen?

When the old man is gone and the power of the Wade family is handed over to his father, these uncles and aunts will start to develop towards the direction of foreign relatives.

At that time, wouldn’t they also have to look at their own faces?

But today, the old man had raised Charlie wade to such a high position, which really gave him a huge sense of crisis.

The other Wade family members were also mostly dissatisfied with what the old man had done, but at this time no one dared to say it to his face, so each one could only hold back.

After everyone had taken their seats, Stephen Thompson took a guest list written with a brush and handed it to Lord wade, saying respectfully, “Master, for this ancestral ceremony, there are seven hundred and ninety-one members of the Wade family from all over the world, and the list is all on this list.”

“Good!” Lord wade nodded in satisfaction and said, “For so many members of the Wade family’s side branches to come, it proves that they haven’t forgotten their roots!”

Stephen Thompson handed over another invitation and continued, “Master, the total number of representatives of foreign relatives who have come to pay their respects today is one hundred and thirty-six, all of them are the heads of the branches of the Wade family and their eldest sons and grandsons.

Lord wade took it, scanned it, and smiled, “This time, there are many more first sons and grandsons of various families coming to pay respects than last time!”

“Yes.” Stephen Thompson nodded, “There are quite a few young people in there, all around the age of 16 to 25, last time at the Ancestral Ceremony, they were still children, so they didn’t come to the worship service.”

Lord wade nodded and said with a smile, “Our Wade family is thriving and has spread its branches all over the country and the world.

Stephen Thompson said, “That’s natural!”