Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3323

Hearing that Feb wade’s instructions were very different from those of the old master, Director Zhao asked, “Young master, should I ask the old master for instructions then?”

“No need!” Feb wade said offhandedly, “Hurry up and resuscitate, make sure you do all the resuscitation measures, if grandpa blames me, I’ll take the blame!”

As soon as Director Zhao heard this, he thought about what Feb wade had just said, that if he didn’t resuscitate the patient, he was afraid that it would fall into the hands of others. After weighing the matter, he immediately said, “Yes Young Master, we will immediately carry out resuscitation!”

Helena’s bleak eyes stared straight at Feb wade, wanting to open her mouth to condemn him, but swallowed back the words as they came to her lips.

She knew that at this moment, Feb wade only wanted to clear himself of any involvement in his impending death and did not want to take any responsibility.

Although she had some contempt for Feb wade’s humanity, she could understand it to a certain extent, as she had deliberately concealed the matter in the first place.

Thinking of this, she sighed miserably in her heart, “I have myself to blame, if it wasn’t for that brother of Feb wade’s, Charlie wade, pointing out all this, I might still be continuing to deceive Feb wade as well as the rest of the wade family, so I deserve to be in this situation today ……”

So she gave up her last struggle and thought, “If these people want to pretend to resuscitate me, just let them go …… The sins that I will suffer in the rescue will be considered as my atonement to the wade family.”

Seeing Helena’s miserable and desperate eyes, Feb wade felt a little weak, so he hurriedly said to Director Zhao, “That, you guys are resuscitating the patient, so I won’t add to the mess here as an amateur, I’ll go wait at the door.”

Director Zhao nodded and hurriedly said, “Then please move outside and wait for a moment, young master.”

“Good!” Feb wade answered, turned his head and headed out.

With Feb wade gone, the other doctors had already rushed over and were ready to perform the final resuscitation on Helena.

Helena didn’t say a word, her eyes staring deadly at the ceiling, her heart already beginning to expect death to come soon.

She knew that terminally ill patients who were resuscitated usually suffered a great deal of pain and suffering, so she could only pray that the process would be as quick as possible and give her a dry run.

At this moment, in Helena’s mind, for some reason, she suddenly recalled the scene from that day when she met with Charlie wade.

She thought of the way he looked at her, of the way he grabbed her hand and said those words.

At that moment, a sudden jolt went through her head!

She remembered the instructions Charlie wade had given herself at that time, the instructions that sounded so absurd that they didn’t even have any semblance of scientific basis.

“He said that if my heart pain is too much to bear, just bite my right middle finger hard …… Is this method, really going to work?”

Seeing that the doctor had already prepared the defibrillator, prepared the epinephrine and various equipment for emergency intubation, Helena knew that even if Charlie wade’s words were ridiculous, as long as there was still a one in ten thousand, or even a million chance, it was her last straw at this point!

So, with great difficulty, she lifted her right hand and put the middle finger of her right hand into her mouth!

With the intention of making one last desperate attempt, Helena bit down hard on her right middle finger!

In an instant, the pain was so intense that she was frowning.

A doctor saw it and blurted out, “Director Zhao, the patient is biting her own finger!”

Director Zhao, who was preparing to give her first aid, saw that Helena was biting her finger, and hurriedly said to the other doctors, “The patient is probably having a deathbed hallucination, so she can bite if she wants to, as long as she doesn’t bite her tongue, just leave her alone and rush to resuscitate her!”

As she was saying this, Helena felt a warm energy break through the chains of her right middle finger and flow at a great speed towards her heart!

The speed of this energy was unbelievable, like drinking a bottle of cold Coke on the hottest day, when you are almost dehydrated, just one sip and the feeling of survival would instantly penetrate your soul!

Immediately afterwards, she felt her heart, which had already been depleted to the point of stopping, quickly come to life, like an electric car that had run out of power and was about to stop working, suddenly being replaced with a fully charged battery! It was instantly revived!

The feeling was like a new lease of life for Helena! Her whole state of being had changed forever!

A female doctor was holding an adrenaline shot and was about to give Helena another injection into her heart.

But as she was about to give the injection, the syringe was suddenly snatched away by Helena!