Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3293

“Good!” Feb wade nodded and said with satisfaction, “I won’t treat you badly in the future.”

Jackson wade couldn’t help but ask him with a puzzled face at this moment, “Right, Brother Feb, you’re already giving him face by going to pick up that Charlie wade, why did you call your sister-in-law as well? Sister-in-law is at least the princess of the Nordic royal family, going to pick up that yakuza Charlie wade is too much to give him face, right?”

Feb wade sneered and spoke, “I just want him to meet Helena with his own eyes so that he can understand the difference between him and me! That Stephanie of the Gu(Sun) family is not bad. But when it comes to looks and temperament, it’s still a bit inferior to Helena!”

“That’s natural!” Jackson wade couldn’t help but say with an exclamatory expression, “Other than that, sister-in-law’s figure is enough to crush Stephanie. To be honest, European women really have an innate advantage in terms of figure, not only are they tall, but their legs are also thin, straight and long, like sister-in-law’s pair of long legs, they simply grow out according to the golden point!”

Speaking of this, Jackson wade looked at Feb wade with incomparable envy and said seriously, “Brother Feb. You’ll be blessed in the future ……”

When Feb wade heard Jackson wade praise Helena so much, his heart was also overwhelmed with joy.

Every man was vain in this aspect, and seeing his fiancĂ©e being praised so much by Jackson wade, Feb wade’s heart was also bursting with accomplishment.

Helena was indeed the most beautiful woman on earth. Even a top-notch second generation rich man like Feb wade, who had seen countless women, immediately surrendered with both hands and sank down at the first sight of Helena.

It was precisely for this reason that Feb wade wanted to bring Helena up with him to pick up Charlie wade.

This would allow Charlie wade to realize the omnipresent gap between him and himself as soon as he landed in Eastcliff!


Soon after, Stephen Thompson had organised a luxurious convoy of eight Rolls-Royces.

Among them, there was also an extra-long custom-made courtesy limousine.

This stretch limousine, which was specially customised by the Wade family from Rolls-Royce, was almost eight metres long.

And the space inside it was like a mini nightclub, with not only extra-long sofas, top-of-the-line sound comparable to a nightclub, but also a bar dedicated to wine tasting.

At this moment, Helena also came out of the villa, so Feb wade stepped forward and said in a very gentlemanly manner, “Helena, let’s take the middle stretch car together, it’s more comfortable inside.”

Helena took a look at the extended Rolls Royce, frowned slightly and spoke, “Sorry, I haven’t been resting well these days because of jet lag, I might need to be alone for a while, if you don’t mind, please take this car with Jackson wade, I’ll take the one at the back myself.”

Feb wade didn’t expect Helena to be so ungrateful. It was fine if she didn’t take this stretch car, at least don’t sit by yourself, right? What was wrong with letting himself accompany her in a car?

However, Helena had already said this, and Feb wade had no way to refuse.

So. He could only send Helena to the car behind him before he resentfully joined Jackson wade and got into the elongated Rolls Royce.


The caravan drove neatly and smoothly towards the airport, and in the stretch Rolls-Royce, Feb wade said to Jackson wade with some annoyance, “Go open a bottle of red wine and pour me a gla*s.”

Seeing Feb wade’s slightly unhappy expression, Jackson wade took a bottle of high-grade red wine from the mini bar while cautiously asking him, “That …… brother Feb ah. Isn’t this future sister-in-law of mine …… a little too cold?”

Feb wade didn’t expect that Jackson wade’s sentence had just hit his heart.