Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3279

That dense spiritual qi completely transformed every bone, every inch of Charlie wade’s skin, and even every cell, giving Charlie wade a feeling of being transformed.

In the past, Charlie wade’s body was consuming less and less spirit energy, and there was hardly any spirit energy in the surrounding environment, so the spirit energy could only be consumed and not replenished.

But this time, it was simply equivalent to throwing a person who was always short of water directly into Lake Baikal, that feeling was simply wonderful.

Charlie wade could clearly feel that his body and strength had been substantially enhanced.

Before this, he had never really thought that this Peiyuan Dan would have such a powerful effect.

Originally, he had thought that the medicinal effects of the Spring Return Pill were already fierce, but only now did he realise that the Spring Return Pill was simply child’s play in front of the Pei Yuan Pill!

Don’t look at the fact that the Pei Yuan Dan is only an entry-level elixir, but because it contains spiritual qi, it is a complete step up in dimension and incomparable.

It felt like a gorilla and a human, although most of their genes were the same, the difference was an insurmountable rift.

It was more than an hour later that the excess medicinal power of the Peiyuan Dan was completely absorbed by Charlie wade’s body.

Charlie wade looked at the remaining twenty-four Peiyuan Pills and thought to himself, “This Peiyuan Pill has such a great effect with just one pill, I wonder what it would feel like if I consumed the remaining twenty-four pills at once?”

When Charlie wade thought of this, he immediately threw this dangerous thought out of the sky.

He was still very clear about the principle that extremes must be reversed, and that one Peiyuan Dan just now had already brought his body to its limit, or even beyond it, and if he were to take another one, he was afraid that his body would not be able to withstand it at all.

So, he carefully put away all the rest of this Peiyuan Dan.

Afterwards, he stood up and looked at the time, it was already after 9 o’clock in the night.

Thinking that he had to go to Eastcliff tomorrow, Charlie wade hurriedly packed up the scene and quickly walked out of the villa.

Just after leaving the villa’s front door, Charlie wade noticed that the view of the courtyard under the lights seemed to be very different from when he first came in!

When he first drove in, the gra*s in the courtyard had clearly just grown less than ten centimetres of green shoots, and the gra*s was not very dense, sparse, and the few ornamental green-leaved trees in the courtyard had just produced tender green leaves.

However, in just a few hours’ time, the gra*s in the courtyard had already grown several times, reaching the middle of Charlie wade’s calf and reaching a height of at least thirty centimetres.

And the few green-leaved trees in the courtyard had by now turned from the fresh green shoots of just now to the luxuriant foliage that could only be found in the height of summer!

In just a few hours, the scenery in the courtyard had jumped from early spring, directly to the height of summer, giving Charlie wade a feeling of being in a different world, as if he had come in not just for a few hours, but for a few months.

Surprised, Charlie wade could not help but walk out of the villa and look at both sides of the mountain path that went all the way up the hill. At that moment, the lawn and trees under the light were still the same as they had been in early spring, very different from the scene in the courtyard.

Charlie wade couldn’t help but frown, thinking to himself, “Why are the plants in my yard the only ones that have grown more luxuriantly?”

Puzzled, he suddenly remembered how when he was refining the Peiyuan Pill just now, a large amount of spiritual qi first filled the entire villa, and then was sucked back by the vortex. He couldn’t help but think, “Could it be that some spiritual qi had leaked from the villa to the courtyard just now, and that was why the plants in the courtyard suddenly grew more luxuriantly?”

Come to think of it, that was the only possibility.