Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3264

“Moreover, if the other side were to sentence all 15,000 of these people, we would have to pay compensation to their families based on the length of these people’s sentences!”

“You have to know that any country in the world has made crimes against national security the worst and most significant crimes, none of them, with the highest death penalty and the lowest sentence of ten years or more, if that’s the case, then I’m afraid we’ll have to come up with billions or even tens of billions of dollars just for the compensation!”

Lu Haotian couldn’t help but be a little shocked, he also knew that although mercenary organisations like the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall seemed like they were very powerful, a large part of their powerful nature actually came from the power of money.

Now that such a big thing had happened, if the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall did not take out money to settle the matter, then I was afraid that the remaining 30,000 to 40,000 mercenaries would all avoid the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

After all, these mercenaries, do not have any loyalty to the mercenary corps.

Unlike the soldiers of every country, who are driven by patriotism and have no complaints even if they die for their country on the battlefield.

Mercenaries are completely a group of wage earners, and it is their basic principle to work only when they are paid and quit when they are not.

If the boss goes bankrupt and doesn’t have the money to pay them, most of the employees will just look for a new job and instruct their lawyers to file a lawsuit.

Therefore, these 15,000 people being captured would be a huge test for Wan Long Temple.

Thus, Lu Haotian could not help but ask, “Hall Master, do you have any solutions now?”

Wan Bajun said with an extremely angry expression, “What other solution can there be at the moment? The only solution is to hurry up and negotiate with the government forces and try everything to satisfy their needs so that they will willingly release the people.”

Lu Haotian asked again, “What if they don’t agree? Should we fight our way in and get the people out?”

“Are you crazy?” Wan Bajun glared at him and questioned, “Do you want the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall to openly declare war with a country? In that case, we would be angering all the sovereign nations in the world, and everyone would turn away from us, so where would we get a foothold then? Are we going to become pirates in Somalia? Don’t forget, Somalia is a sovereign country too! If we go to invade a sovereign country, even if their own army can’t beat us, the UN will send troops to annihilate us.”

Lu Haotian froze for a moment and couldn’t help but say, “If that’s the case, then the only way we have left is to negotiate ……”

Wan Bajun let out a long sigh and spoke, “Today is already the first of April, only five days left until the Wade family’s ancestral festival ……”

Saying this, Wan Bajun added, “Since they announced to the public that they arrested our people, I believe they will follow the basic international jurisprudence and hold a public trial against them ……”

“Once a public trial is held, it will take at least a few months to follow the normal process of collecting evidence, fixing the evidence, prosecuting and trying ……”

“In that case, just wait for me to finish with the Wade family first, then I will personally go to the Middle East to negotiate with them, the best solution to this matter is to compensate the other party a lump sum of money and let them release all of them.”

Lu Haotian nodded, and then couldn’t help but ask, “Hall Master, then when the time comes, what do you plan to do with the Green-Eyed Wolf King’s side?”

“Him?” Wan Bajun clenched his teeth and said in a cold voice, “I will bring him back to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and personally interrogate him in front of all the War Kings and War Generals, asking him exactly why he surrendered and why he betrayed the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall!”