Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3233

As soon as the call was answered, Wan Bajun asked Jerold straightforwardly, “Any good news for me?”

Jerold said apprehensively, “Hall Master, today that Hamid found a middleman to come and say he wants to make peace.”

“Peace talks?” Wan Bajun immediately said angrily, “He and his soldiers are responsible for the more than 2,500 soldiers of my Ten Thousand Dragon Hall who sacrificed their lives, I won’t accept any other outcome than wiping them out!”

Jerold mustered up the courage to say, “Hall Master, the problem now is that we simply can’t chew up that Hamid, the only way is to hold on here, and it’s not a good idea to go on like this! Our daily economic losses are very serious, so it’s just not worth it to go on like this”

Wan Bajun said in a stern voice: “If you surround them completely and leave no chance of escape, it won’t take long for them to disorganise themselves, and even if they don’t, they won’t last long! How can a bunch of old hats from the Middle East mountains fight a protracted war with us at this time?”

Jerold sighed and said, “But the key problem is that Hamid has long stored a huge amount of strategic supplies, I dare not say anything else, with the amount of supplies they have now, 10,000 people can last for a whole year, there is no problem, but we can’t stay here with him for a whole year, and now the government army is going to give up.”

Saying that, Jerold then gave a detailed report of his current situation, to Wan Bajun.

Hearing this, Wan Bajun’s whole body became furious.

He cursed in a near fury, “Jerold! I’ve never suffered such a big loss, never lost such a big man, and never put myself in such a pa*sive situation in all the years since the establishment of Wan Long Temple! You’ve really broken several records in a row!”

Jerold was also full of grievances at this time, and said bitterly, “Hall Master, I admit that I was indeed a bit gullible earlier, I didn’t expect to meet a decent opponent in Syria, I am willing to accept your punishment at any time, but the key problem now is that this Hamid has surrounded himself in an iron barrel, and has prepared a large amount of food supplies, our 15,000 men are simply in a dilemma! Ah!”

“If the government forces withdraw and only our men are left here to surround Hamid, then the situation will be even more embarra*sing, the government forces will only pay for the mercenaries who work for them, not only have we lost the battle after coming here, but we have also gone against their wishes, they will probably turn against us as well, and then the loss will not be worth the gain”

Wan Bajun was so angry that he could not wait to go to Syria himself and break that Hamid into pieces, because he knew that as long as this Hamid was dead, his armed forces would definitely be completely dismantled, and then all problems would be solved.

However, as he looked at the mountains of cheap coffins piled up in front of him, he could not help but admonish himself that he must not be distracted at this critical moment.

In his mind, he thought, “Although I have a high degree of certainty that I can take out that Hamid unnoticed, there are not many days left until Qing Ming, so time is indeed too tight! Even if I were to leave China for Syria now, it would take me at least 30 hours just to get there and back!”

“In case I get delayed due to some factors I can’t foresee, I won’t be able to make it up to Mount Wade ling in person on Qing Ming day!”