Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5387

  Saying that, he could not help but sigh: “Elder brother Bruce was a dragon and phoenix among men back then, and now it seems that his son is also absolutely extraordinary!”

  Charlie wade arched his hand, “You have praised me!”

  Saying that, Charlie wade curiously asked the question in his mind, “Mr. Callu, you studied abroad at the age of fourteen, so you must have studied very hard, but I see that you still have martial arts background, could it be that you also studied martial arts as a child?”

  Callu Bert raised his eyebrows in surprise and asked him, “You are also a martial artist?”

  Charlie wade thought for a moment, “Sort of!”

  Callu Bert couldn’t help but sigh, “I didn’t expect that Senior Brother Bruce’s son, who has been missing for so many years, would still be a martial artist!”

  After saying that, he smiled slightly, “I was forced to learn martial arts by my parents when I was very young, and then after being adopted by Xion’s grandfather, I chose to study instead and did not continue to practice martial arts.”

  Charlie wade asked in disbelief, “Martial artists have always been single-minded in their pursuit of martial arts, and can even give up everything for the sake of martial arts, few are like you, giving up martial arts for the sake of their studies, why did you make such a decision?”

  Callu Bert smiled mockingly, “My parents and everyone I came into contact with when I was young were always whispering in my ears about the supremacy of the martial arts and how one can die on the eve of hearing the Dao, so naturally I was deeply influenced by them. ……”

  Speaking of this, Callu Bert sighed and continued, “However, what I didn’t expect was that in my parents’ eyes, martial arts was much more important than me, so when I was six years old, the two of them fostered me in the He family in search of a breakthrough, and from then on, my whereabouts were unknown for forty years.”

  ”Uncle He wanted to pass on my martial arts dao, but I was determined not to become like them because I couldn’t forgive my parents for abandoning me, so I gave up the martial arts dao and chose to study hard.”

  Charlie wade asked in confusion, “Mr Callu, my father went abroad to study business studies back then, why did you become a host again if you also entered business studies?”

  Callu Bert said, “I did study business abroad, majoring in economics, until twenty years ago, I was still working in finance-related jobs in the U.S. Twenty years ago, I quit my job and came back to apply for a position as a financial analyst on a TV station’s financial channel, and then I made it step by step to become a presenter of a financial programme, and finally went to Integrated One as a news presenter. “

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but say, “This span of yours seems a bit too big.”

  Callu Bert sighed, “Because I had unintentionally learned something back then, I decided to do everything I could to become a presenter, hoping that my parents, if they were still alive, would be able to see me on TV, read my name and hear my voice, so that they might suddenly appear in front of me and identify with me ……”

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but ask, “So have they appeared yet?”

  Callu Bert hesitated for a moment and said seriously, “Mr. Wade, this is something that we can find a safe place to talk about slowly after the wedding is over.”

  Realising that he might have something to hide, Charlie wade said, “Mr Callu, this is as safe as it gets.”

  Callu Bert shook his head and smiled, “I believe you and I believe Xion, but the people outside are not completely trustworthy to me, and the people I want to talk to you about must be completely trustworthy to hear, even if there is only a one in ten thousand chance that they are not trustworthy, I will not say even one word.”

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