Wonder Doctor Chapter 1382

As soon as he entered the jade door, there was a loud “rumbling” sound behind him and the huge jade door had closed again. The cold air choked him as soon as he entered the jade door, making him feel a bit more awake. He was busy sitting on his knees and didn’t care to … Read more

Wonder Doctor Chapter 1381

“Bastards! After them!” “Chase!” The Heavenly Wolf King and the Heavenly Crocodile King rushed towards the Yellow Spring Waterfall almost simultaneously, and the few men beside them followed one by one. At this moment, the Six Sons of the Void also moved at this moment. They had come in earlier than the Heavenly Wolf King … Read more

Campus Master Chapter 2350

Li Ruonan’s pretty face couldn’t help but change, “Ji Feng, are you telling the truth?!” Ji Feng shook his head and said, “I don’t know exactly what’s going on right now, and I can’t say much less produce evidence to prove my guesses, but there is one thing I can be sure of.” “What?” Li … Read more

Campus Master Chapter 2349

When Li Ruonan called, Ji Feng was working hard in the laboratory of the United University. Although it was a hot summer day, Ji Feng was wearing thick work clothes and a mask-like thing on his face, except for his eyes, which were protected by a transparent glass-like thing, so as to protect him and … Read more

Campus Master Chapter 2348

Li Ruonan said, “Director Gao, I just want to make sure those suspects are still around, I have no intention of tearing down anyone’s stage, nor do I have so many convoluted ideas. However, if some people do things that are not on the stage themselves, then they deserve to have their stages demolished!” Director … Read more