Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3958

             The son was trying to let himself die in the country, which was based on dying a little faster.                 What if he died too slowly?                 Thinking of this, Garet felt a shiver run down his spine.                 Phoebe was also a little panicked all of a sudden.                 She subconsciously asked Charlie … Read more

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3957

Lai Qinghua(Exoer)’s words left Garet with no way to refute them, and he was even more devastated inwardly.                 And Lai Qing Hua(Exoer), seemingly wanting to wake up this old friend once and for all, continued, “Garet, you must understand that your son did not simply usurp your throne, he instigated the civil and military … Read more

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3956

               At this time, Phoebe, who was on the side, also spoke up, “Young Master Wade, after your mother’s death, many of her alumni at Stanford, as well as those Silicon Valley bigwigs who had received her investment to become top entrepreneurs, have been trying everything to find out the truth about her death for … Read more

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3955

The moment she saw through Charlie wade’s identity, it was as if Phoebe had grabbed the real straw that saved her life.                 She suddenly knelt down again and choked up as she begged, “Young Master Wade, please help my grandfather and help him take back the great power of the Flynn family ……”                 … Read more

Wonder Doctor Chapter 439-440

Chapter 439 “This ….” Hu Fei heard some hesitation, in public to let Lin Ran three people make a fool of himself has reached his purpose, if in exposing himself, afraid that will make Luo Qiqi remember himself, and there is evidence, then I am afraid that he is not good to wash off. The … Read more